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    Welcome to the Dragon's Den!

    My most favorite and cherished pokemon are the lovely Dragon Types (However my favorite pokemon is Torterra :P who is closely followed by Hydreigon) In this thread I have all the Dragon Types to offer, from Bagon to Hydreigon and plenty more! While I am mainly a dragon type breeder, I have SEVERAL other pokemon to offer including all the starters, so check out my thread and let me know what you like!

    I trade with White/Black and White 2

    The Rules/Info of my thread:

    1. NO hacks! Hacks scare me! If I ever trade you a hack please let me know, however this is very unlikely because all the pokemon are under my name or other reputable traders.
    2. I usually check the thread often, however I am a High school student so I might not always be ready to trade when you are.
    3. I dont breed for IV's because I don't know how, I don't do the EV thing, because I don't know how. However, I can breed for Natures, Gender and Abilities if I have it. I take pride in my babies. While I don't know how to breed for specific IVs, my baby dragon Pokes come from parents who do have really nice IVs!
    4. Try not to keep me waiting in the WiFi room too long, I get bored easily.
    5. Don't PM me unless I PM you, keep the trade here.
    6. Last but not least, please be kind. I'm a delicate person, I try my best to be kind, so you should in return :)

    What I have to Offer:

    (The guys are free)





    Aside from the above Pokemon, I can breed just about ANY breedable pokemon including Phoine.

    Older Available Dragons:
    (these guys aren't free but not asking for much)

    Duddigon (Jap) lv.100
    Haxorus (Jap) Female lv. 78
    Salamence female Nickname: Drattak lv.66
    Garchomp (Jap) Male lv.55
    Dragonite Female Nickname: Juliet lv.69
    Kingdra Female lv.48
    Zwelious female Nickname: Geneva Lv.54
    Seadra Nickname: Iva female lv. 40 (Will evolve into kindra when traded)

    Other Pokes for trade:
    (not free, but not asking for much in return)

    Charizard Nickname: Cloud Male lv.62
    Blaziken Nickname: Max lv. 36
    Swampert Male Lv.37
    Breloom Male lv.55
    Milotic (Jap) male lv.100
    Tangrowth Male lv.40
    Gallade Male lv.21
    Luxray female lv.30

    I can also infect any traded pokemon with Pokerus upon request.

    Legends for trade:
    (These guys aren't free)

    Reshiram Lv.70
    Reshiram Lv.50
    Kyurem Lv.70
    Virizion lv.50
    Virizion lv.45
    Cobalion lv.45
    Dialga Lv.72
    Heatran Male lv.50
    Azelf lv.50
    Azelf lv.65
    Mesprit lv.65
    Uxie Lv.65
    Regice lv.40
    Regirock lv.40
    Moltres lv.51
    Articuno lv.50
    Zapdos lv.50

    (these guys aren't free)

    Tentacruel Nickname: Deathshine
    Tangela (Jap)
    Porygon Z lv.100
    (I also have several shiny Dragon types, but I can't offer them until I find someone who can clone them)

    I can give natures and more information on any of the pokemon upon request (i'm just too lazy to post them)

    *I offer ALL Dragon Type Baby Pokemon. Any nature or gender, and ability if I have it. My baby dragons are free*

    This isn't really important, but Below are the Parents of the Dragon Babies I offer. While I have several dragon pokemon, I only breed these guys because they have the best stats! (Note: Parent Pokemon aren't for trade, I've bonded heavily to them)

    Breeding Males:

    Outstanding Potential: Perfect IV's (Thank you Tabor!)

    Hydreigon (Jap)
    Outstanding Potential: Hp+SpAtk+SpDef+Sp

    Outstanding Potential: Hp+Sp.Atk+SpDef+Atk+Sp

    Outstanding Potential: SpAtk

    Breeding Females:

    Geneva (Hydreigon)
    Above Average: Def

    VelvetRose (Hydreigon) Daughter of Geneva and Hydreigon (jap)
    Outstading Potential: Hp+Atk+Sp

    Leif (Druddigon)
    Outstanding Potential: Perfect IVs (Thanks so much Tabor!)

    Darka (Haxorus)
    Above Average Potential: Hp

    Alaksa (Kingdra)
    Above Average: HP+Atk

    Swift (Flygon)
    Above Average Potential:

    HiKingdom (Dragonite)
    Above Average: SpAtk+Sp

    Outstanding Potential: nearly flawless IV's (Thanks so much Necrum!)

    Nessi (Bagon, will be bred after I train her) Daugter of Salamence#1
    Relatively Superior Power: Hp+SpAtk+Sp

    I can also breed the baby dragons from specific parents upon request :D

    DW Ability Turtwig
    DW Ability Druddigon F
    DW Ability Pokemon F in general
    Shiny Relicanth!-I really want this one
    Make an offer!