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    With each new generation of Pokemon, the cries for each new generation have become more complex and higher in fidelity. So, with the stronger sound quality in 3DS games, it should come as no surprise if the new Pokemon's cries sound even better than the past generations'. However, the Pokemon from Generations I and II have kept their GB-quality cries ever since the series began.

    These Pokemon did get better-sounding cries in the two Stadium games, but they've never been used outside those games. What do you guys think? Should Game Freak swap the GB sounds for the Stadium cries (or maybe even better ones), or should they keep them?

    I, for one, think it's about time they retired the old GB cries. As cool as they were, they're starting to clash with the past few generations; even Generation III's cries still sound decent to this day. I think the older Pokemon ought to sound less out of place amongst all the other generations. I don't even think it would even be that much work; all the new cries have already been done for them. They'd just need to switch each Pokemon's GB cry with the ones from the Stadium games.
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