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Time for an update:

Ultimate Flying-Mono Challenge: Heart Gold

- Traveled to the Ruins of Alph and caught a male Natu named "Kwatoko"

- Trained a bit and evolved Kwatoko into "Xatu"

- Headed back to Cianwood and easily beat Chuck for the
Storm Badge

- Proceeded to Olivine Gym and managed to earn the
Mineral Badge

- Surfed to Mahogany and kicked Team Rocket out of their Hideout

- Entered Pryce's Gym and had a surprisingly easy time winning the
Glacier Badge

- Went back to Goldenrod and did the ever so boring Rocket Radio Romp

- Headed through Ice Cave and emerged in Blackthorn

- Entered Clair's Gym and had one Hell of a time getting the
Rising Badge

- Went to the Dragon's Den and grabbed the Extremespeed Dratini and called him "Steve" (ran out of nickname ideas...)


Okay, just need to beat the Kimono Girls then I can get going to the Indigo Plateau.
Ultimate Mono-Challenges finished: