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Time for an update. A lot's happened over the past day.

- After grinding Hydra up to level 18, made my way to Roxie and challenged her. I actually 1HKO'd all her pokes with Dragon Rage.

- After some more grinding, beat up Team Plasma and made my way to Castelia City. This is where things start to get harder.

- Hydra gets up to Level 25 or so, and I challenge Burgh after the Team Plasma scenario.

- Beat Burgh by the skin of my teeth, literally only having three HP left after the last of his pokes.

- Hydra makes her way up to Level 30-something as I make my way to Nimbasa City and train some more.

- Beat Elesa relatively easy. Surprisingly 1HKO'd her Zebstrika with Crunch.

- Caught two extra Pokemon to get past Charles the Heartbreaker, but only actually used Hydra in the rotation battle. Proceeded to deposit those Pokes in the PC pretty much forever.

- Got to Driftveil city. Trained up a little more against trainers to get to Level 40 or so, and proceeded to challenge Clay.

- This is where I hit a roadblock. After making it through his gym easily, proceeded to challenge him.

- The thing about Clay is his Excadrill. His first two Pokemon were easy and were both 1HKO'd or 2HKO'd with Dragon Pulse/Crunch, but then comes the Excadrill. This thing can 1HKO Hydra provided its Slash/Metal Claw attack is a critical hit, which it often is, and it can 2HKO her with Slash/Metal Claw/Bulldoze.

- So basically, it's back to square one. I'm currently training on Audinos to become stronger and get past Clay, possibly evolving Hydra in the process. Fingers crossed.

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