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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Yamask is the first of the ghosts if I recall. I think it goes Yamask, Frillish (Since you get surf around Driftveil I believe), Litwick, then Golett as their areas appear. Yamask are only in Relic Castle which is only available after the 3rd Gym. Frillish is available on various sea routes after you attain Surf. Litwick is after Mistralon, 6th Gym in the Celestrial Tower. Golett is in Dragon Spiral Tower after Icirrus (7th Gym). I think that's the order they appear story wise.
Actually, Litwick is encountered before Frillish because Surf is obtained after the 6th badge, and you need to go through Celestial Tower before taking on the 6th Gym.
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