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    New character.
    Name: Jillian Marie Perkins

    Nickname: Smiling Jill

    Age: 24

    Sex: Female

    Job: Senior (And only) Programmer

    Degrees: Doctorate in Computer Science, Mathematical Logic, and Computing Theory & Practice. Masters in General Mathematics, Information Science, Computational Physics, General Engineering, and General Physics.


    Personality: Jill's primary motivation for her work is to prove to others that Pokemon aren't as necessary as people seem to believe, that depending on them too much is just as much a weakness and not using them at all. Rather than taking the approach of some that would attempt to gather terrorists or other attacks, she hopes to prove this by not utilizing the creatures for her work or personal life. Even if she inspires nobody, she hopes that her work will be recognized as something grand and to be respected in academic circles. Because of her refusal to adopt any Pokemon for her own, she relies on the company and support of other humans for personal companionship, often achieved through her fairly popular blog.

    The programmer has an optimistic view of the world, confident so much in the capabilities of humans that she overlooks flaws that might end other relationships and, in a sense, turns off her brain in social circles so her analytical skills won't be used on the people she likes or interrupt her fun. Luckily, the opposite isn't true, and allow her to work responsibly and charmingly on the rare occasion she gets to work alongside somebody else. Jill approaches tasks with a focused mind borne from the energy that normally bounds through her bones, which would be sure to cause havoc were it not contained with something productive. Which isn't to say that she cannot be lax or chilled, but there are likely distracting cogs working in the back of her mind when she is.

    How Jill acts around others mostly depends on how intimidating they are to her on a personal level, those people being whoever can have intelligent debates or arguments in favor of relying on Pokemon, which means she's adopted a general attitude of trying to avoid conflict wherever she can with a conclusion that will leave everybody not at each others' throats. This is partly just to avoid the stress of a problem that she can't solve with critical thinking. She has a tendency to talk on and on whenever a subject interests her, freely telling others about her personal life or what she accomplished in work that day, and sometimes overwhelming her conversational partners with questions. At heart, she's down-to-earth with a mind too curious for its own good. Luckily, her sense of humor is firmly in the surreal, which means she lacks the dry humor or snark that would make her intelligence seem prideful or arrogant.

    In addition to her gaining companionship from many followers, Jill's uncommon orientation has coerced Jill into socializing with many people at once in the hopes that she'll find somebody who'll click with her. Although it's not an overpowering desire by any means, there is some fear of growing old without somebody to hold her hand in tougher times. Although most aspects of the dance are approached with modesty in mind, she has learned to be fairly blunt in asking people she's interested in whether they could share the interest, as dancing around the issue leads to tangents that stretch on for far too long. Although she doesn't think of herself as prude, she wants her special somebody all for herself. Engaging people with a history of failed relationships is like utilizing a stranger's code without their style guide.

    Jill is a casual adherent of Objectivism, something that could be pieced together if somebody attempted to study her views of life and the world, but not something she tends to yell from the rooftops or attempt to convert others to, as it would go against the nature of her philosophy. It also ties in to her beliefs about the world and reliance on Pokemon to do the bidding of a person, regardless of an individual's view on whether they are tools or compatriots, as it is not by their own will that they serve their Trainers and requires the use of restraining technology to gain their allegiance, in most cases. The basis of this argument is that a Pokemon who has a Pokeball thrown at it always has a certain chance of escaping, which it will always try, which reflects none of the beliefs of those who claim the bond is made through the Trainer proving themselves; it is solely a function of the technology, which is only further proven by the tiers of Pokeball to Master Ball. This is relevant to the only open confrontation she makes, which is with the ideologies of Silph Corporation.

    Among Jill's quirks are such things as chewing whatever she can get her hands on, which is most often a pen or her own fingernails, which most often occurs whenever she's thinking of something or her hands merely have nothing else to do. It originated from when she used to get teased about her slight overbite, using it as an excuse to hide her teeth with whatever object it was Because of the destruction this can cause to such luxury items as the stylus for her PDA, she always carries around at least one packet of gum. A charm bracelet always adorns her left wrist, with mementos from important people she met, places she's been to, or events she was present for adorning it. Such charms include a tiny metal badge that marked her as a passenger on a train crash, a gold thimble from her grandmother, and an arrowhead she discovered from a childhood archeology dig.

    One of Jill's more curious interests is raving, which allows her to let go of all the energy inside in an uncontrolled burst, free of the responsibilities that her job and other activities require, to achieve an entirely different form of satisfaction that is nevertheless extremely enjoyable. The programmer also enjoys gaming and photography, two of the things she most commonly blogs about besides coding and general rants for the week, along with video logs that go up from time to time, depending on whatever needs to be discussed. In a world where everybody carries around living weapons, she's gained an affinity for invention for her personal defense, such as a canister of mace, a kubotan, and weighted-knuckle glove on her right hand. Although the most exercise she commonly does is yoga, she has trained in Judo for her personal protection from other humans; the most likely aggressors for somebody that doesn't carry Pokemon.

    History: Jill was born in Snowpoint City of Sinnoh, to a relatively small family that left her as one of three daughters, with whom she spent a lot of time engaging in whatever activities took their curiosity in an unnatural haze of motivation and energy seemingly pulled out of nowhere; their mother blamed it on their father's intelligence, while their father blamed it on the mother's artistic passion, though only used that word when their hands were full with the troublesome group of children. All too often did they want to be taken to conflicting places, and all but Jill, the youngest, managed to find their passions in life relatively quickly, the eldest studying to become a Lawyer and the middle-child leaving for regions unknown, wielding a satchel filled with Pokemon.

    Like most youngsters, Jill was fascinated by Pokemon, but she was one of the children that was always asking questions and being quelled by books that could answer more than she needed to know. She wanted to know why everybody relied so heavily on Pokemon, while her research indicated that there were all kinds of times where individual Pokemon had been rendered irrelevant by a mere move, or a few knick-knacks of technology. Rather than having her talk about these amongst the other children, her parents attempted to direct Jill's attention to something that seemed more to her wavelength, so she could become her own woman if she wished to. With the advantage that her apparent genius provided, she was sure to make up for whatever she would lack in companionship of a Pokemon.

    After a fair amount of deliberation and trial, Jill found her calling in computer programming, a field which she swiftly mastered along with a variety of complimentary subjects that allowed her the title of Doctor. Despite the skepticism of the professional community about how good somebody working without a Pokemon could be, she was allowed the jobs that had previously went to people only working up to working with Pokemon, allowing her to do the work of that normally required a team of people and get a fair amount of money from doing so. When the Pokemon Trainer Academy opened, she was requested in particular to maintain and create improved software for everything that wasn't related to the Boxes.