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Originally Posted by EnglishMilkshake View Post
I find your lack of faith disturbing. Doctor Pine is offended by your comment. But look on the bright side, it will undergo some improvements, and the worse the game is, the less offensive it is to the government, even though it is still copyright infringement. What I'm trying to do is balance the two so that I get a playable game without being sent to jail.
Uhmm I honestly don't know what you're trying achieve with that... You aren't making any sense... You won't be sent to jail, unless you're going to sell it...

Honestly, I can't take you seriously as a developer anymore...

Your screens are really bad, your maps are really empty, the battle screens don't show anything special, there isn't even one with some dialogue.

Furthermore, why would you post a list of all 649 pokemon, when there's only 15 in the game? Just post the ones available...

I know you're eager to show off your work... but honestly, four releases before you even get to the first route? Sort out your thread, if you make things look at least a little neater, more people would be willing to play your game.