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    Levina ~ Cape City

    Levina started laughing when she noticed Snype’s new hairdo. His fur was sticking up all over the place due to the electricity. She muffled her laughter when he stood to his feet and snickered at her. The brave Pokemon proceeded to pet her head, scratching it like one does to a dog. Levina respected the spikey haired Sableye for daring to treat her like an animal. He had major guts, or be completely brain-dead, to attempt such a thing not once but twice. "Kehehe, you’re just a tough one to handle. We'll get along just fine you and I." He said.

    Levina gave him a death glare hoping that would be a good enough warning for him to stop. “You will know the true meaning of tough if you keep treating me like a mutt.” She growled and bumped into him just hard enough to knock him over again. Levina then proceeded to sit on the Sableye’s chest and snickered. “I believe we will get along as well. You make a nice ‘pillow’.”