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    Originally Posted by Livewire View Post

    Pokemon X & Y represent Chromosomes, right? Which in part determine gender.

    XX= Female
    XY = Male

    What if Sylveon has something to do with that theme? And Sylveon is the female evolution of eevee, and can only be obtained by evolving eevee in X in some way, since X is the female dominant chromosome. (all vertebrate mammals start as females) Level it up in Y in some way, and you'll get a yet-to-be-unveiled Male evolution.

    Also, notice how its colors scheme is pinkish & light blue on the ribbons and its ears? The dominant colors in Xerneas and Yveltal? The blue and the reddish-pink.

    I've seen speculations about that before, but yeah, that's definitely a possibility, and I'd love if GF went down that road! It can be an added incentive on people preferring the rarer Female Eevee.

    I too, think it's a flying type, but... could GF really play the obvious-game here? They can very well pull a curve ball. @[email protected]

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