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    Parvati frowned as she stared at the ceiling as she laid in her bed. This was a common occurrence for her, she had frequent nightmares and hardly ever slept through the night without waking up unable to fall back asleep. This time she had been up for three hours. But she was used to it and it didn't bother her anymore. The time awake was spent thinking over things. From her past, to present events, and even the future. All were thought of, all her plans, her ideas were all formed in the hours before the sun rose while all others slept. Smirking as she closed her eyes for a moment as a simple thought formed in her mind. He said I'd do nothing with my life...well...I'll show him

    "Phase One of the E8 Project commences today. Please proceed according to plan."

    Opening her eyes as the feminine robotic voice gave the announcement Parvati got out of her bed her cold smirk in place. Phase one meant each of the E8 was getting a new Pokemon. Though she might not show it, on the inside Parvati was excited. Before the incident happened all she didn't have a Pokemon that was just hers. She used the basic grunt Pokemon a Rattata. Luckily she lost that Pokemon after the incident. Getting dressed quickly and brushing her hair putting it up in her usual ponytail. With a final check in the mirror Parvati nodded and left her room. Seeing no one in the hallway yet Parvati silently walked not making a sound, even with her footsteps. The soft soles of her shoes helped with that.

    Upon entering the cafeteria Parvati right away knew there was someone else in the room. But paid them no mind. After all she wasn't here to make friends and she didn't want to anyway. As she approached the table that held all the Pokeballs she noticed the one was gone. Now it was the tough decision on which one to take. It took several minutes but one finally caught her eye. The note attached said that the Pokeball contained a Roselia and that alone made Parvati stop for a minute and just stare at the Pokeball.

    Padma....she...she always loved Roselia

    At this thought Parvati felt her facial expression start to fall as she remembered her beloved late twin sister, followed by the fierce rage and anger at the man responsible for her death...her own father. But Parvati quickly gained control and her normal mask fell back into place. Calm face clear of all emotion, except for the coldness in her eyes. Picking the Pokeball up from the table she crossed to the opposite side of the room from the other occupant of it and sat at the table though still facing the rest of the room. Letting out the Roselia for a moment she saw the note said it was a female. With a glance at the small thorn Pokemon Parvati observed her for a moment, aware of the fact said Pokemon was looking at her with an interested look. Yes, this one would do. "Kiri..your name is Kiri" Parvati muttered seeing the newly named Kiri nod Parvati returned her new Pokemon before standing and moving towards the chairs in the half circle and sitting quietly in the furthest chair from the other girl in the room.

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