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    I went through Mt Battle in XD using what I call "Gen 1" strategy.

    Basically, I only used a Lugia and a Dragonite, both of them had Earthquake (as well as a few other moves that would take care of flying Pokémon). Since they themselves are flying they don't harm each other with it. So I just spammed Earthquake turn after turn, and occasionally used Hydro Pump, Psycho Boost, Hyper Beam etc to take down flyers. The first time I attempted to get from Area 1 to 10 (to get my Gen 2 starters) , I lost in early Area 10, but the second time I succeeded. Just like in Gen 1, Earthquake owned most of my opponents :D .

    The champion is a different story though. Double Earthquake is a must if you want to get rid of his Slaking as quickly as possible (and believe me, you'll want to) , but the [email protected] (he has both) and his Salamence will give you trouble.

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