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    Phase One - Pokemon Bonds

    Phase Two - TR Capabilities
    Phase Three - ? ? ?
    Phase Four - ? ? ?

    Target - Now the first task begins. Though it's a slightly rockier and less interesting beginning, tasks tend to go harder later on. Also, keep an eye out for twists or strange actions. Remember - you are being accused. Try not to act like nothing's every happened (unless your character is care-free), and think about how 'innocent' you are. x3 This post of yours would probably be longer - I will pick a Pokemon with the random number generator, and you will have to encounter and battle it as first task. End the post by catching it and entering the cafeteria again. Easy?

    As the E8 members gathered around in the cafeteria, the Warden fiddled with his documents, making sure that he hadn't screwed anything up. After all, nothing could go wrong at this phase.

    Nothing at all.

    Glancing at his watch, the Warden got to his feet and walked towards the cafeteria's entrance, punching in a series of complicated numbers with his right hand while waiting for the computer to process his thumb's fingerprint directly below the number pad. The sliding doors shifted to the sides and the cafeteria welcomed him with a friendly 'ding', which somehow sounded a bit too much like a microwave. Knowing that he was right on cue, the Warden puffed out his chest and reached for a random chair, sitting in front of the semi-circle while scanning the E8 in a panoramic fashion. Some were wearing TR uniform, which he liked, while most weren't. When his eyes landed onto the empty seat, he frowned.

    "Jenna isn't here. Where's the sneaky gal?" asked the Warden with a thoughtful 'hmm'. "Now there's only six of you. I'll find her later on then - time to get into business."

    Crossing his arms, the Warden stared at the potential leaders in front of him, starting off with a threatening and intimidating statement. "I know that one of you are responsible. Xarius was found dead in a sector that could only be accessed by the E8, so there is no use telling me that you had nothing to do with this. Right now, I can't prove that you are guilty, but you can't prove yourself innocent either."

    The Warden then leaned forward and brought his hands together. "What I'm going to do is to create a couple of phases with each one serving a different purpose. If you perform well, then, killer or not, you might have a chance of promotion. If I see suspicious acts during the missions, then your cover is blown and I will assume that you are the murderer. I will be watching. To cut it short, you will have to remain loyal while proving to me that you are innocent. How?

    He chuckled and rolled his eyes, letting out a soft sigh of amusement. "You will know what to do. Anyway, Phase One is simple - I'm going to observe and analyse the bond between you and your new Pokemon. There will be two tasks in total, and after that, you're good to go for the day. The first task is as easy as it sounds - to catch a new Pokemon around Goldenrod City. Do it alone. When you are done, come back and wait for my arrival. Remember - I will be watching all of you. Act wisely..."

    Standing up to reduce the numbness of his legs, the Warden stretched and glared at the E8 for one more time before departing through his own cafeteria exit. "You are free to leave for your first task, but the killer cannot escape me forever."

    May Task One begin! According to the Random Number Generator (I swear it's random), you will encounter this Pokemon for your first task -

    Karma - Grimer (typical TR pick...) [Poison Gas, Pound, Mud-slap, Venoshock]

    Parvati - Electrike [Thunderwave, Leer, Tackle, Ice Fang]

    Scyke - Wynaut (ooh) [Counter, Charm, Splash (xD), Mirror Coat]

    Ernest - Ralts [Confusion, Growl, Teleport, Double Team]

    Steven - (you actually got Keldeo but I was like NOOOPE) (edit: Oh wow you got Deoxys on second try...) Riolu [Quick Attack, Endure, Counter, Magnet Rise (an interesting tutor move for you)

    Jasper - Mudkip (IHERDYOULIEK) [Mud-slap, Water Gun, Growl, Ice Ball]


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