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    Name: Sigil Casus

    Sex: Male

    Age: 33

    Appearance: He is rarely out of disguise, but he is easily identified when not. He is a lanky Caucasian man with blue eyes, crooked teeth, a small, pointed nose, and a bald wig covering his light-brown hair. He has one feature that bares when in disguise or not, a moon-shaped birthmark on the back of his neck. He usually is seen wearing, when out of disguise, a pair of brown jeans, a black t-shirt, and blue running shoes. He has undergone surgery, as mentioned later on, that make him extremely flexible, so it is not unusual to see him preforming yoga.

    Personality: Taking his job far to seriously, he will go out of his way to pretend to be any Pokemon he can, even going so far as to having undergone dangerous surgeries to allow himself to be more capable of disguise. He may be attracted to Pokemon. Some say he's crazy, but he's a damned good spy and his heart beats for the army... hopefully. He has a soft-spot for horror films and novels. Not one for fighting he will flee when confronted by a group. He does, however, fight excellently one on one due to having no qualms with cheating. His disguises usually involve fighting types, due to their human-like form.

    Rank: Corporal

    Specialization: Spy

    Preferred Weapon: Silenced pistol

    Other: N/A
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