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    Nevermind. Pokemon please.

    Name (pretty obvious): Jet Cross

    Sex (again, obvious): Male

    Age (anything above 18 will work): 24

    Species (what Pokémon are you?): Floatzel

    Tribe (Caerulus Tribe or Ruber Tribe. You HAVE to be a part of either tribe, your character though, can act generally neutral): Ruber Tribe

    Appearance (give a brief description of how your character looks like): He looks like the average Floatzel, but he has a satchel slung across his back filled with explosive charges.

    Personality (How does your character act in certain situations? How is he/she in general?): Jet is an intelligent, cynical pokemon. He always plans the exact blast radius of his explosives, analyzes the effects of the explosion, and estimates the time that hit takes him to escape. With these attributes, he makes for a deadly opponent. When left to his own devices, he tries to develop new ways for his explosions to be interesting, such as an incindiary powder, or acid spray. When left with other members of the Ruber Tribe, he is very friendly and socializes very well. He's pretty much a stand of comedian of the tribe. Jet is brave under pressure, and he's a strong fighter as well.

    History (Events that took place in your character’s past. Please send this to me in a Private Message, secrets play a big role in this RP: -----------

    Moves (Total of 5 moves, but can learn more later in the RP): Aqua Jet, Ice Fang, Crunch, Iron Tail, Quick Attack

    Profession (you can be anything, from a warrior, to a hunter, to a regular farmer): Explosives Master

    Other (anything else not covered above?):
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