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    Yes! It is done! I am ready!!!!

    Name: Penance Malum

    Sex: Male

    Age: 24

    Species: Golduck

    Tribe: Ruber

    Appearance: Penance is rather short compared to the rest of the tropps in the army. He sports a muscular appearance due to his time dedicated to exercising in the water. He is at his natural height for a Golduck, a good 5'6", though most of the other tropps like Feraligatrs and what not completely tower over the amphibian and it isn't an odd sight for Penance to be completely covered in another's shadow. Penance wears a small necklace of blue beads around his neck that is a kind of offering toward Kyogre whenever Penance steps into the water.

    Penance is able to swim quickly thanks to the webbing in between his fingers and toes. Penance makes sure to keep his claws nice and sharp if the need ever arises for him to defend himself in close quarters.

    Personality: Tactics, strategy, plans. All of these are words that always exist in Penance's mind. Everything can be a stragety, plans MUST be made for each and every circumstance, plans must be made for those plans, and back up plans must be in circulation for when those plans go awry. That is where Penance shines. Ever since he was young Penance has been able to see that which other pokemon can't. The ideas, the initiatives to take, all of it is important to Penance. It's no wonder that he is considered a great tacticion within the Ruber's ranks. Although he does tend to be a bit paranoid he gets the job done. In fact he isn't above calculating strategies and what not even when there is no briefing going on and he is on his own time. Often he will bounce his various ideas and strategies off his close friends and gain their input about what works and doesn't work. He may be a tactician, but even he understands that when more minds think about something then it is much easier to fix weaknesses or be able to get an entirely new idea altogether. The only thing that does hold Penance back every now and then is his sexual orientation. Unlike most pokemon, Penance has an interest in those who are the same sex and can become easily distracted by thier presence outside of the briefing room, which is why he tends to have mostly female friends to bounce his ideas off.

    Penance for the most part stays back in battle, he would go in and aid the other troops but the fact that he could be killed in battle would mean that the Ruber tribe would lose a valuable mind to aid them in future battles. Despite his lack of actual face up battle experience Penance believes that he can hold his own against the enemy... although the rest of the soldiers get a chuckle out of that. Penance really doesn't hold any dislike for the other tribe, it's more along the fact that since he's water type he feels that he is obligated to fight alongside them.

    History: PM'd

    Moves: Water Pulse, Confusion, Zen Headbutt, Disable, Fury Swipes

    Profession: Tactician
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