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Originally Posted by Archeops12354 View Post
Hard mode in B2/W2 was still too easy, what I really want is for the AI to get smarter, come up with an actual strategy, only then will it be a proper challenge. :\
Actually, the AI levels in B2W2 do increase when playing under Challenge Mode. If they increased it just a bit more, however, I wouldn't complain. Also, giving the Pokémon of more prominent NPC's 31 IVs all around like they did with Cynthia would be a nice increase in challenge as well.

Originally Posted by Jake♫ View Post
That brings up an interesting point in itself: Would having a save file for each difficulty level be a plausible thing? But that strays away from the main point of the thread =P
I wouldn't call it plausible as much as I would call it unnecessary.

Taking the majority's side here, I would also like for level of difficulty to be an option given at the start of the game rather than something that's unlocked near the end. While it may give one the incentive to play again, it's rather silly to ask a player to do. Especially in the case of White 2 where they give you an Easy Mode instead. Like, who wants to do that?
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