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Caption Contest:

N: Dad, you're creeping me and this Pokémon out!
Ghetsis: Meh, I don't really care to be honest...

Black 3 and White 3:
Two years after have passed since the creation of Black 2 and White 2, and Unova is, once again, troubled with Team Plasma. This time, Colress is the true leader. With the fall of Ghetsis, Colress is out to rule Unova. He seeks to search for the hero stopping him in his path and rule not just Unova, but the whole world! With the help of Cheren, Bianca, Professors Juniper & Juniper, Alder, Iris, and N, the new hero of Unova strives to take down Colress, the one who continues to pursue the goal of Team Plasma!

On the other hand, things have changed around Unova. Cheren retired from being a gym leader in order to focus more on the Trainer’s School in Aspertia City and Lenora retook over her former duties as a gym leader from 4 years ago. Nothing other has changed in terms of gym leaders, though from 2 years ago in Black 2 and White 2. Also, a new entrance to Victory Road was created along the newly reopened Route 10, meaning there are now two ways to access Victory Road (the Route 23 entrance still exists). The Elite 4 also still remains the same, however a new champion arose: Benga. Just like his young ambitious and battling self from 2 years ago, he rose up in the ranks, defeating Iris and becoming the new league champion, just as his own grandfather once was from 4 years ago.

Additionally, unlike two years ago with Hilbert (Hilda) disappearing, Nate (Rosa) appears in the actual storyline. He (she) remains living at their original home in Aspertia City with his (her) mother. Hugh, however, went to work as an assistant to Cheren at the Trainer’s School located in Aspertia. Bianca continued to be an assistant with Professors Juniper and Juniper.

Finally, the hometown in Black 3/White 3 has changed once again. This time, the hometown is once again located in Nuvema Town, where Juniper’s lab is located. The player starts out in the former home of Hilbert (Hilda). The gym leader lineup remains the same as B2W2, except Lenora replaces Cheren, and Burke is the second gym leader now with Roxie being the third leader. As stated above, Colress leads a “neo” Team Plasma all throughout Unova to create havoc on the world, with the hero attempting to put a stop to his plans. The hero’s new rival lives in the old home of Cheren in Nuvema Town, with Cheren (and his famly) now having fully moved to Aspertia City.
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