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    Evan Lee Gildred

    Quivering hands and trembling heart, fluttered in tandem as Eva listened painfully to the goings on of the room outside his little stall. The voices quickly were named and no longer became a mystery to him as he listened to their biting repartee. Confusion clouded his mind as he tried to make sense of the, admittedly, bizarre situation. He knew he was the cause of it, him and his weak constitution for fighting. Never before had he met somebody like himself who so abhorred bickering and conflict. Things quickly became heated on the other side of his flimsy, barely level door. Looking through the gaps, he could just hardly spy what was happening between wet eyes and high tension. Solo really seemed to be fighting for Eva, thinking about his best interest and almost pleading to help. In a surprise to Eva, Ashling seemed to be the aggressor in the situation and almost forcing Solo’s hand. In the brief time he had spoken to her the night prior, she didn’t seem this way before. In fact, she had seemed mellow and very forgiving of when he himself struck her accidentally.

    Eva knew not what Ashling had against the boy. Was it solely that Solo had encroached upon the sanctuary of the restroom? If that was the case, she would be even more surprised to learn that she was actually sharing the restroom with two men, a fact that Eva loathed to the very second. Maybe the anger and aggression stemmed from something more. Had Solo done something to this girl personally? That, it seemed, would be a question in need of an answer at another time.

    In an instant, everything changed for the worse. A crumpled form collapsed hard to the ground. It took Eva several moments to process who it was and what happened. The body of a wolf lay unconscious, its breathing raspy and shallow, letting him know that it was thankfully still alive. The sound that resonated throughout the room was sickening as its head slammed painfully against the atrociously tiled floor. The Wolf was obviously Solo, a thought that Eva tried to push aside for disbelief. Ashling had done it. She had truly gone and beaten the other boy literally senseless. Was this truly the same girl she had such a good first impression of less than twenty four hours earlier? It couldn’t be, not in his mind at least.

    Standing in a panicked hurry, his petite hands fumbled with the lock of his door before successfully undoing it and letting him stumble out into the main expanse. He came spilling out of the stall in between the two bickering parties, like a demilitarized zone that served to protect the peace. He had to stop this infighting, it just couldn’t be allowed to continue. Eva didn’t even have much regard for his current appearance. Disheveled beyond explanation, he stood looking up at the larger girl, his skirt lopsided, socks uneven and clinging uncomfortably against his legs, face red and black flushed with tears and ruined mascara. Truly, he was a sight to behold in only the worst way.

    “W-what are you doing?!” He shouted at Ashling, his courage mustering up from the depth of his being. No longer feeling like a shy and delicate person that needed protecting, he glared at the other girl with strong determination in his eyes. Solo needed his protection now, he couldn’t let him down. Who knew how far Ashling would go, Eva hadn’t even thought her capable of the actions she had committed already. “T-this is not right! He was just worried about me...” Hanging his head and turning to the limp form of the wolfman, he knelt beside his friend and placed a hand on his head. “I can’t believe you did this, Ashling. He didn’t even do anything to you. I could hear him, he was almost pleading to help and you turn around and bludgeon him to near death?!” Eva had never been so riled up in his life, his words carrying a certain bite and venom that he rarely, if ever, had before.

    “I need to get him back to his room...” With those words, Eva disappeared from the bathroom for a few hesitant moments. He worried about leaving the two of them alone together without his supervision, but he knew that he could never carry Solo back under his own power. It didn’t take long before he was able to recruit help for that particular problem. A large, somewhat heavy set boy, was more than willing to help the little blue girl in tears. It was obvious that the situation was uncomfortable for everyone involved, more so for the new recruit who fretted about stepping foot into the ladies’ room to retrieve a wolf. Eva assured the blonde hair, brutish mountain of a boy that it was okay and led the way in, relieved to see that nothing had happened during his absence.

    While the boy went to work slinging Solo over his shoulder, Eva turned to Ashling and gave her a look more of disappointment and sadness than anger. Eva didn’t hold grudges, but he couldn’t shake the feeling of remorse he felt about the whole situation. Partly because, he knew it was all on him. “I-I’ll see you later, I guess...” He spoke up in almost a whisper, his adrenaline high came crashing down and his normal cadence restored. Disappearing with the two boys in tow, he led the way from the bathroom and into Solo’s dorm room, odd glances being cast their way from almost all in the hall as they proceeded.

    Instructing the boy, who he came to learn was named Elliot, to go ahead and place Solo on his roommate’s bunk, Eva agreed to make it up to him in whatever way he could later on down the road. At worst, he assumed it would cost him a tutoring session or the like. Closing the door behind Elliot, Eva looked to Solo again and went about doing whatever he could to try and make things more comfortable when he came to. Fetching some pain reliever from his bag, his filled a glass of water and placed it on the desk near the bed in obvious sight. He thought about just leaving and giving Solo his space, but thought against it as he paced around the room like a worried father in the 50’s waiting for an announcement of his newborn baby.

    Biting the bullet, he kicked off his boots and sat down next to Solo, his hand running over the soft fur of the wolf’s head. It almost made him chuckle, but it really was just like having a big, sleeping, somewhat deadly dog. “Come on, Solo,” he whispered soothingly with a hint of unabashed worry. “Time to wake up.”
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