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Originally Posted by MancerNecro View Post
I just decided on an Atlantean power, Molecular Acceleration.

Able to freeze or heat molecular compounds (basically every single thing). Controlled, in part, by emotions from fear (freezing) to anger (heat). Powers can range from temporary delibitation to permanent freezing all the way to increasing temperatures beyond human tolerance or causing an object to explode, all depending on the intensity of the emotions.

I'm going to let my character have some problems controlling her powers early on and actually fear her powers and what it can do, making her control over it even worse.

It's actually ripped off of a show.

How is the power? Is it too overpowered?
The only problem is that Raikiri already has Ice Manipulation which is essentially the acceleration of water particles into a solid form. But otherwise, you could oppose him with heat or fire manipulation?
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