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    ∣ "Solo"
    Dorm Room

    Chapter Three: Part Five
    The Bond

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    Solo returned Eva's glare with a simple head shake, as if to say 'I have a reason to dislike this person'. "Yes, bother me. Like you are now." His ears twitched in annoyance, and his eyes squinted for a moment. "Who cares about a detention? Just skip it, you don't have to go anywhere just because someone tells you to. Don't submit to people you don't even know." He gave Frio a rather agitated glare, and his tail lashed twice. "That room is a prison, I'm not going back there and I never wanted to be there to begin with." He felt a slow growl in his throat. Looks like he's back to his old self again! "And don't play innocent; it was your fault it even happened."

    He glanced at Eva for a moment, starting to relax slightly, and answered Frio's question even though it was directed at Eva. "Yes, she's my friend. That means if you do anything to her, you'll have me to deal with." With a more-than-annoyed huff, Solo plopped down on the bed, resting beside Eva. He offered Eva a bed, and Solo just reacted with subtle annoyance. "No need to sleep on the floor, there's more than enough room up here for the both of us." Frio changed and did whatever, and when he came out he asked if they were going to the graveyard. "I'm certainly not going there." He glanced at Eva as he continued, "it'd be far too dangerous."

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