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Your trainer sprite: Is Aaron (E4) an option? :D
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Reason for joining: Eevee's adorable, I love cute things - is there much more reason possible? XD

What do you think Sylveon's unique move shall be, if it will have one?
Do eeveelutions tend to have unique moves...? At any rate, if it does somehow have a unique move I don't think it'll be a damaging one. I can see the ribbons and bows being used as something of a distraction to misguide foes and increase Sylveon's evasion, or perhaps even be tightened and rearranged to increase Defence/Special Defence, but I can't see her having many special methods of causing damage haha. Although maybe it's to do with the cold, creepy, lifeless eyes, those things give me the chills. :(