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    I would like to join this... as a human since I was in the other two but my time is very limited these days so I might not be able to post as much as I did when I was on this site a while back...


    Name: Jacob King
    Sex: Male
    Age: 31
    Appearance: (I’m going to cheat here and post a picture):

    On the back of his unique jacket he has a large symbol on of the king of hearts (the suicide king). He has been observed wearing a black necklace with a strange symbol that looks to be and unknown letter made of black flame. The letter is one of ancient text that has been mostly forgotten in meaning. It is the symbol of Shirgasi. Shirgasi is an old mostly forgotten goddess of darkness, death, and justice. Legend goes she rules the entry to the spirit realm and is its judge and gatekeeper. She decides where one’s spirit should stay once it has departed from one’s body, as such she is also a goddess of justice as well as the spirit realm.


    Jacob is an overly relaxed person who seems to face everything with some sort of comment. Due to his out loud commentary many find him hard to work with and often annoying to be around. He also seems to always be relaxed, even in a situation where everyone else is extremely tease. Many take his overly relaxed nature as laziness at first glance, but he isn’t lazy, he just lacks real discipline. This makes him a poor soldier, and he would be a pain in the rear of any officer he was under. This however is a cover for the true Jacob, a master assassin.

    He is an individual who gets the job done in a professional manner. When it’s time for the job he moves from being undisciplined and relaxed to focused and professional. His execution of the actual mission is done with the skill of a surgeon. He eliminates the target with minimal waste and destruction. Priding himself with a level of skill honed from years of killing and survival. He is consistently calm and collected throughout the mission and is always willing to change plans or even delay the hit if he sees it as necessary to “properly” complete his mission. He has a distain of using explosives to kill because he sees it as sloppy and a risk to non targets. He refuses to harm or use innocents to help him complete the mission, and he usually never takes the shot unless he knows it will be a clean and painless kill.

    Recently his personality has changed some and along with his views. Instead of taking whatever task he was assigned and being completely apathetic toward who hired him and who he was to kill, he began to care what the job was and who was hiring him. He started refusing some jobs while accepting jobs with lower pay outs. He seemed to be taking on jobs to kill only the worse of criminals along with often refusing jobs from said criminals. Why this sudden change it is unknown as well as why he took a job to help the Human Republic since they are fighting Pokemon and not some criminal organization.

    History: PMed to you.

    Rank: Self entitled “Commander” of the Suicide Kings, but he answers to his employer.

    Specialization: Assassin

    Preferred Weapon:
    A custom built semi-automatic silenced sniper rifle

    Other Weapons:
    Semi Automatic silenced pistol
    A highly decorative katana (whether he is actually skilled at using it or not remains to be seen) with a dragon crawling up the blade.
    Survival/combat knife

    Other: He owns a civilian duel propeller plane, and has access to night vision goggles. He is very stealthy, but how well these stealth skills translate to evading Pokemon is remained to be seen. He is an unparallel sharpshooter, but he always takes his time to perfect his shot. He is not used to a large chaotic battlefield and is not going to be as effective as your traditional military trained sniper due to his move focused mannerisms.

    Also he is a Mercenary with no real loyalty to the Human Republic other than they are paying him. So it is an option to have him hired on to the Pokemon sides or to be a more neutral member of the war.
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