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Update for Ruby

I seriously took the whole day to catch Relicanth & Wailord so I can get the final member of my team, Regirock. It was a pain but I finally succeeded. Also, Wailord was way easier to encounter than Relicanth. It took less than 15 minutes while Relicanth took 2-3 hours.

Badges Obtained:

Current Pokemon Team:

The Rash Regirock, level 40
Ability: Clear Body
Moves: Rock Throw, Curse, Superpower & Ancient Power

Maelyn, the Impish Swampert♀, level 47
Ability: Torrent
Moves: Secret Power, Ice Beam, Mud Shot & Surf

The Jolly Golbat♂, level 47
Ability: Inner Focus
Moves: Fly, Confuse Ray, Bite & Steel Wing

Hazel, the Hardy Nintales♀, level 45
Ability: Flash Fire
Moves: Facade, Will-O-Wisp, Confuse Ray & Flamethrower
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