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Well, if you're living in an area where the primary language is French, I think it's fair to expect that your typical public worker would only know French. I'm sure there's a number you can call to get instructions for that kind of thing in English. It's not like in any other cities in Canada, any old worker will know how to answer anything in French. I mean, I think it's weird that the Premier would go on the record saying something like that instead of being all veiled and politically correct and politician-y but I don't necessarily disagree with what he's saying... but seriously, if you don't know the native language of an area, it's kind of your own fault (in my opinion) and no one should expect to be catered to. Until all of English-speaking Canada offers that kind of bilingual support, Quebec shouldn't be expected to offer it in reverse. Either everywhere does it, we don't make a big deal when Quebec doesn't do it, or we stop claiming to be a bilingual country.

I wish Canada were better at teaching the opposite language, though. I see people posting on PC from countries where English isn't their first language and even by 13 they're able to communicate quite well on English-language forums and whatnot. Most people finish the entirety of their mandatory French classes without even a basic grasp on how to speak French, at least here in Ontario, despite having to learn it from... what is it, grade 1 through 9? (I wasn't here until grade 7 so I don't know when it starts here... it doesn't even start in NS until grade 4.) :( I feel like the only reason we get by is because French and English are already somewhat close in etymology so it's easy to guess at meanings. If we had better classes and more immersion available, Canada would be closer to a legitimately bilingual country but as it is now, it's a pretty sad claim.