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Originally Posted by PokeLordAndrew View Post
Hahaha holy god, this is hilarious.
Someone help me up off the floor now please.
Lol, I'm glad you like it!

Originally Posted by Agastya View Post
the game seems to have locked up after using the oldale town pokemon center after this line of text

this is very unfortunate

i'd say perhaps i didn't have a proper rom but everything else has worked fine up to this point

maybe the game is trying to pull the animation for bowing but it can't

yeah that's what it was i just removed

applymovement 0x800B 0x819FDF4
waitmovement 0x0

from the main healing center script (the part at 0x19FDB0) and it's fine now
Ahhh! I know why! I copied and pasted the data for a regular walking person OW over the Nurse Joy. This would have removed her animation pointer. I can't believe I forgot about that.... I shall deal with this!



I have fixed the Nurse Joy bug and several swimmer OWs that showed up incorrectly. Hopefully you will love the new Nurse Joy animation..... It is quite the derpy thing!

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