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    Speaking of Sonic characters, I would say my favourite character from the Sonic series would have to be Tails and, well, if she counts, Wave the Swallow, because they're both pretty brilliant when it comes to technology. Well, granted, Dr. Eggman is also pretty brilliant and I like him too, but, I just... don't care for his personality sometimes. I just really like Tails's bright and happy side, with a strong desire to help his friends out with technology, and with Wave, you know -- she's someone that knows what she wants, and well, I do like her kind of "spunky" yet snobby attitude.

    As for the Tales series, my favourite characters would have to be Pascal from Tales of Graces, because she's just... crazy. XD As well as Yuri Lowell, because his sarcasm and laid-back personality are both amazing put together, plus, he's one of those character's who seems like a bad-ass, but also has a heart of gold! The same can be said about Jade Curtis and Ange Serena, because they're both pretty sarcastic, and, both.. kind of crazy in their own perspective. Jade has a mind set on tormenting the youth, and Ange is pretty greedy. Special mentions go to Zelos, Arietta, the Wild, Arche, and Raven, because they're all pretty awesome.

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