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    Originally Posted by RPD490 View Post
    Ah I just need to watch what free space I use, cuz I can assume using cries this quality could overwrite into data that would be game breaking if overwritten right? Cuz I did this with maybe 10-15 Pokemon that had Pokemon that were 4th/5th Gen, their cries were still not changed, game didn't load up after trying to continue game. XD
    Yes, it does take up a lot of data, but you should know where your free space is if you're making a ROM hack. Sounds to me like you just don't know where your free space is, if I were you, I would insert all cries at the end of all the used data in the ROM, where FF bytes fill up the rest of the 16 megabytes. If you try inserting it into used data, of course things are gonna screw up.
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