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    The Shroomish looked like he was willing to go with Rick, which was great, but it didn't look like he could find his Pokeball anywhere. Carol seemed to good at keeping the Shroomish and Delibird entertained while he looked around. He didn't feel right looking over the dead trainer's body, but he did anyway, careful to avoid any areas that looked like they had spores on them. The rest of his Pokeballs were empty, and none of them were registered with a Pokemon already, so he decided to take a look inside his pouch. There weren't any Antidotes, figures as much, but he did have an unused Potion, which would be good help later on in case they got in trouble in the woods.

    Taking a few large, but broken branches off the ground, Rick proceeded to cover the body, paying his respects to the dead. But then Rick got to realizing about the logic of finding branches, with leaves as healthy as these, just laying on the ground. And also, some of the areas on his body didn't look like they were made from decay, but rather, there were a lot of slice marks. Almost as if something had been eating his body a little while ago before the two of them had met up with it. And the wounds with the bite marks were small, but still bleeding, which told him that the bite marks were made very recently.

    Seeing a bunch of broken twigs around them, Rick gulped when he saw that they were not alone like they had thought. Looking up at tree tops, he gulped, as a flock of Dustoxes were perched right above then, unmoving and waiting for the right moment. Rick began to walk back to Carol very slowly, making sure as to not look suspicious towards the Dustox. Making his way next to her, he nudged her elbow, pointing up to show her the Dustox, hoping she didn't make a scene. She gave a yelp, but he caught her mouth in time to keep her voice down so that they didn't alert the Dustox.

    Backing up, they each grabbed one of the little guys at their feet, taking a few steps back before turning around to run! Unfortunately, they were not alone anywhere they tried to go, as right behind them was a badly injured Wurmple. Rick recognized it from the number of Wurmple they had fought a few hours ago, so he knew that the little guy had a grudge against him. He made a small smile, hoping to make ease with the Wurmple, though sadly it too had a smile, a nasty, malicious smile. It sprayed a String Shot right at Carol, catching her ankle and pulling her down, nocking her head against a root.

    She went under fast and Rick had to pull her out, kicking the Wurmple aside to stop it from shooting him. The Wurmple gave a cry, alerting the Dustox to their attention and the swarm came down on them. This made Rick gulp, as six fully evolved Dustoxes were bursting from the trees, all crying out words that seemed to scare Delibird and Shroomish. The two hid behind Rick, and Rick didn't deny the fear, as he himself was shacking. He pulled out Slugma's Pokeball, preparing to fight them. He couldn't outrun them all while carrying Carol on his back, so he had to stand his ground, releasing Slugma and giving out orders.

    He could probably get them all with a swarm of Ember from Slugma, but he couldn't risk hitting the trees. He didn't want to start a fire, and the only reason he was even letting Slugma out was because they were on a dirt road now. Giving the order for a Barrage of Rock Throws, Slugma went underground, digging pits and shooting the large rocks above him. The rocks each hit one or two, but as soon as the Rock was shrugged off the Dustox, they were up again. There was also too many to hit all at once, and he himself was taking a lot of Confusion attacks since Slugma was underground a lot.

    Slugma was slowing down, but the Dustox were taking turns, resting while the others took their place. They needed to deal with them each before the attacks were recovered from, which meant they were going to need another attacker. But before he could ask, Delibird threw a very Large Present down on one of the fallen Dustoxes, putting it out for good. The sudden arrival of Delibir was enough to get Slugma back in the game, and the two were in synch. Slugma pinned them down with Rock Throw and Delibird finished them with Present before any of them could get up again.

    As the last lay down on the ground, they were finally done with them all, Slugma looked exhausted though, as did Delibird. Even Rick was on his knees by the final round, having taken a few Gust attacks and Confusions during the battle. The battle was severe, but he wasn't done yet, as he pulled out his Pokeballs to return Delibird and Slugma now that they were done. The battle was over, but Rick still needed to find Shroomish's Pokeball before he could call it a day. Looking around in the foliage, he found one of the Dustoxes, pinned under a rock, with something shiny next to it.

    It was the Pokeball, with SHROOMISH written right on it as well, sitting right next to the unconscious Dustox. Picking it up, he dropped down next to the Shroomish, showing him the Pokeball, which told him that it was time to go back in.

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