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    Rick Cache - And So, Several Shenanigans Later...

    Poor Rick, he sure ain't the luckiest guy alive, huh? Nonetheless, as soon as Shroomish realized that Rick had found its Pokeball, it jumped in joy, calling itself back inside.

    Shroomish Has Joined Your Team!

    Effect Spore
    -Stun Spore
    -Focus Punch

    Since Rick possesses Shroomish's original Pokeball, thus gaining its original ownership, he's now able to nickname it whatever he wants!

    ... ... ... !!! What's this! Delibird has learned Future Sight! Congratulations!
    Gio Luca - Fight Against Champion Cynthia's and Chuck Norris' Lovechild

    The Pokeball quickly fled across the explosions that were filling the Route. And Slow Ride had shifted to a song by Linkin Park in the background, it was almost as if this was a movie by Michael Bay!

    ♪So give me reason!♪

    It finally reached it's target. An echoing and astounding, barrier of sound-breaking noise filling the entire southern half of Hoenn.

    ♪Let the floods cross the distance in your eyes♪

    A fissure forms below as the capsule begins to spin when, out of nowhere [and probably because of the mythical 'ERR MERR GERRRD' powers] the Pokéball quite literally disintegrated! It didn't even start to fall, but Brotad reappeared in its place in a flash of light (and another explosion).

    Giovanni is faced with a choice now. Seeing how much explosions, craters and whatnot were generated by merely attempting to catch Brotad the Almighty, Will he throw another Pokeball? Furthermore, will he live long enough to throw it?!

    The answers to all these interrogatives and more in the next episode of Laguna Beach Giovanni Luca's Journey!!!1

    ♪Across this new divide!♪

    Hoenn ReBURST
    Enter Alana!
    Princess of Ice!


    "Me, oh, my..." She whispers silently, "Guess we aren't the only ones with Burst Hearts here after all..."

    She holds a Pokéball with her left hand, and a Mamoswine pops out, Is blue eyes staring blankly into hers. "Get me out of here." Mamoswine jumps with all its might and quickly creates a hole underneath them. Loud? Indeed, but with so much ruckus around it would be hard to tell where the rumbling comes from.

    "Geez! Couldn't you be a little louder?" Still whispering. Alana Heart knows that she possesses an opponent of equal strength... that bratty Burst Warrior... Eli, was it? Well, that's what Roxanne called her, anyways...


    "Ack! I now remember why I don't like using you!" Alana yells as she cleans the dirt from her clothing. Her sweater oscilating between shades of black and brown, "Get the hell back inside your Pokéball!" A red flash encloses Mamoswine, ruckus still heard all around.

    "Too bad you weren't fast enough; they've probably reached the city by now!"

    Alana takes an hexagonal-shaped gem from her pocket and holds it tight against her chest, hands crossed, eyes closed. She takes a deep breath as the gem begins glowing faintly. An enormous veil of light slowly surrounds her as her hands and feet turn into paws, thick fur cover her body and her hair turns into a static body of ice.

    "... Yet it don't mean we won't be able to catch up with them..."


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