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SCYKE ICK - Petalburg City

"Snowy, Razor Leaf!"

"Snoooover!" After the rapid sharp leaves fainted the wild Zigzagoon, Scyke recalled Snowy back to it's Pokeball. He wasn't enjoying facing wild Pokemon every minute at all; before he had faced around five other Zigzagoons and the same number of Poochyenas. Hell, Zap was exhausted three battles ago and Scyke was forced to change to using Snover to clear a path towards Petalburg, which was extremely annoying as Snover's ability of bringing in hail every time it came out was starting to do Scyke's head in. Before long however, a sight of a building with a distinct red roof came around and Scyke rejoiced at the sight of it. A PokeCentre must be nearby - therefore that should be Petalburg City.

Scyke walked in the Centre and handed a tray with Snowy's and Zap's Pokeballs on them. After they were recovered by the city's Nurse Joy, an old guy which had some shady shades suddenly approached him after he returned his Pokemon to his belt. The mysterious dude slapped Scyke's shoulder and turned he's body for him. "Yo, you look like a rookie trainer to me! I'm Jim Gai, and I'm here to tell you all about the Petalburg City's Gym! Follow me!" Unsure about what just happened, Scyke unwillingly followed "Jim" outside of the Pokemon Centre and towards outside a giant building with a huge "Gym" sign attached to it. The dude stopped and turned to face Scyke, directing his hand towards the building itself. "This is the official Petalburg City Gym! Inside stands our proud gym leader who isn't a pushover at all - the Normal-Type master, Norman! Of course, being the Petalburg Gym guide I can sneak in that Fighting-type moves are most effective against Normal-types, but don't think the might Norman is any pushover!" After an enthusiastic start to his speech, Jim's voice started to change it's tone to a more disappointing one, "Unfortunately, I don't think Norman's taking any challengers right now. A young trainer just like yourself came in to challenge him not long ago today, and Norman limits his challenges per day; unfortunately for you that limit has been met. However you may be able to challenge him tomo-" Scyke had enough of the guy - he had came out of nowhere and just started blabbering about a gym that Scyke knew he was no where near ready to challenge yet - and so awkwardly started laughing while scratching his head, "Err... hard to break this to you mate, but I'm not really looking to battle Norman just yet..."

Jim looked at Scyke, dumbstruck. "But... your a trainer? It should be your motive to challenge every gym that comes in your way. Norman might sound terrifying, but that shouldn't put you off-" "I know everything about Norman; in fact, I researched on all the gym leaders in Hoenn before I started my journey, and I don't think I'm ready to challenge a gym yet, especially of one in the caliber of Norman. Anyway," Scyke brought out his Pokeballs and flashed them towards Jim,"I don't have a fighting-type nor any effective tactics to use against Norman. If I recall right, Rustboro's gym leader Roxane is the master of Rock-type Pokemon, and my Snowy would be amazing there, knowing a Grass-type and Ice-type move." Sckye then ended with a wink and a cheeky grin, "So, "Jim", I think I'll be fine, but thanks for the help anyway." After hearing Scyke mention Rustboro, something seemed to have triggered Jim as he suddenly looked worried and concerned. "You might... not be able to fight the gym leader Roxanne yet. Have a look at this." Jim then brought out a PokeNav out of his pocket and showed Scyke a news report on it's screen-

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