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Kim Parnevik

The tears continued to run down his face as he tried to cover up his entire body with his coat, grateful for his mother for getting it for him and grateful for his other half for bringing it, thank god it was cold today. However, he was not grateful that she had decided to leave his room again, or that she basically threw her naked body at not one, but two people within the time frame of about 5 minutes! As well as nearly getting molested by another two, it was all too much.

Over his sobbing he heard the other two ladies conversing, before the man he had just been about to force himself onto and the girl who could fly left the room, leaving him now alone with only one stranger instead of 3. He could deal with just one person in a room, well at least that was what he told himself as removed the part of the coat that was covering his face.

Through his tears he saw the older lady kneeling in front of him, she had called herself Katerina Lukyanenko earlier and that she was an Atlantean. He could tell that she had a questioning expression on his face but he didn't a word, just looked back with snot now joining the tears that were running down his face.
“Uh- So are you alright? What's your name?” she asked, her tone hinting that she'd already asked this question before.

“I-I.. My na.. me.. name..” Kim stuttered as he tried to reply before realising he was in the doorway where everyone could possibly see him, panic set in again causing him to clumsily throw himself out of the doorway and scurry into the closest corner. Curling up into a ball in the corner made him feel slightly more secure, especially since all he could see was two walls protecting him from the evil outside world.

“K-Kim... Parnevik...” he struggled, forcing himself to answer her in hope she could help him get back to the safety of his room.
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