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    Name: Yuukiji (Lastname) Kotetsu (Firstname)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 14

    Species: Pawniard

    Team: The Lost Learners

    Title: Shadow Striker of the Lost Learners


    Personality: Kotetsu is a diligent Pawniard who is often reading adventure books, if he is not in an adventure hinself. He has often been referred to reckless in his battle style and is very audacious. He is considered a trouble-maker and likes to make people fustrated. Despite all this, he makes friends easily and can have a good laugh. He considers the Lost Learners to the best alliance and would fight for it. He also suffers from chronic amnesia, making things hard for him and those around him.

    History: Kotetsu was young when his chronic illness began so not much is known about Kotetsu due to this. Despite this, Kotetsu tends to have repressed memories for dreams. He has been able to figure out that he never had parents and that his homeland was burnt down across the other side of Navis Ocean. He believes someone took him to the Lost Learners base but is unsure who. When he was young, he did not familiarise well with other Pokemon and was even known to attack them. He eventually calmed down and joined the Lost Learners. He has been a member for two years now and has worked diligently among his fellow learners. His goal is to find out what his past is and to unite all the alliances. He earned his reputation among the Lost Learners as a Shadow Striker because of the way he fights and his personality a year after he joined them. However, soon after amnesia struck him once again, creating problems for other Lost Learners.

    Level: 22

    Moveset: Scratch, Leer, Fury Cutter, Torment, Faint Attack, Scary Face.
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