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Originally Posted by crystalmole View Post
This script should be a script that allows you to buy TMs from a NPC. Instead it freezes the game. Does anyone know what i did wrong? And also is there a tool that allows me to change the price of an item's in game worth, such as an ultra ball costing 600?

#dynamic 0x800000

#org @start
msgbox @1 0x6
pokemart @values

@org @1
= I sell TMs.

#org @values
#raw word 0x14B
#raw word 0x14D
#raw word 0x13C
#raw word 0x13A
#raw word 0x14A
#raw word 0x0

Error in color red.
Also, I've heard that sometimes it glitches if you'll use a number as an address, which is colored blue.
Though I couldn't really be sure of that, since I've not yet encountered such problems.

Anyway, for your second question, I believe thethethethe's item editing tool can do that. Not sure though.

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