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Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
Firstly I'll say this, boredom can spur creativity but it can also lead to reckless and/or destructive behaviour.

So, should we go out of our way to make kids bored? Whilst I think young kids are certainly better of with a box of toys and a drawing book than an iPad I don't see any reason to make sure our kids are bored. We should give them plenty of opportunities for simulation but that stimulation should require the use of their imagination or some thinking the majority of the time. But sometimes there's nothing wrong with playing with a mindless app to pass a couple of minutes time.
I don't think anyone thinks spending a few minutes with an app on an iPad is bad, but that if most of your time is spent on iPads or whatever then you're relying on those things to entertain you and stimulate you. I think the distinction they're trying to make is like one between giving a kid an mp3 player and giving them a musical instrument. They're got something to play with, but with one they're more passive and with the other they're more active.

Originally Posted by Shiny Celebi View Post
I dunno. For some kids it may inspire creativity but for others they might just watch hours of TV or go online. My sister personally watches hours and hours of TV when she has nothing to do and goes on Facebook, not create things, draw, etc. I dont think it works for everyone.
I think the idea is that you're not "bored" if you're watching TV or on the internet since you've got outside stimulation that way. Even if you're bored of what you're watching, you're still relying on something outside of yourself to fill your attention instead of, as the article suggests, stimulating yourself from within your own head and creative efforts.
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