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Takumi Makkusu - Breaking The Ice

Nami took notice of me & said hello. I'm glad this is going well so far. I wonder how the day will progress. ...Am I getting ahead of myself?

The next few minutes were quiet. I wasn't eating during that time. This was awkward... Gotta break the ice, just bring up a topic, just bring up a- & Nami's the first to speak. She apologizes for the blood incident yesterday. That's an unpleasant thought. I guess I can get over it. "Water under the bridge," I reply. I pick up the half-empty blood bag I accidentally ate earlier. "Besides...I got some of it back." I joke & stick my tongue out in a goofy way. Frankly, the taste of blood was gross. I don't know what vampires taste from it, but whatever floats their boats.

I put the blood bag down & resume eating my pancakes. "You can have the rest of the blood if you like," I offer Nami the blood bag & keep eating my pancakes. Is this the only breakfast I'll be eating? At least I packed food in my suitcase from home. That'll last me...a week? Crap. Well, what other food do they have here? Come to think of it, why does the food taste weird?

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