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Nathaniel Calaway- Atlantean Relief Center, London, England.

Nathaniel acted as Oakley's guide, helping the girl outside with relative ease. Her arm seemed to calm down and as it did, helping her move began that much easier. Oakley was little compared to him, being light as a feather. Nathaniel probably lifted weights heavier than her on a regular basis. He turned back to the Atlantean center to see it mostly in ruins, though he couldn't begin to guess why. The fight between him and Smoker was minor, so he must of been the explosions he heard earlier. Nathaniel couldn't have imagined that it had caused that much damage.

"Oh excellent!" a man said loudly from the distance. Nathaniel could see the man relatively easily. He was well dressed man standing next to an everyday taxi cab. It looked vaguely like a New York one, but different enough to see it was not from his home state. Well, his American home. He technically was a dual citizen of England and America. So in a way, he was home. As they got closer, the man's face was becoming less of a mystery. He clearly took care of himself, keeping himself proper, matching his choice of clothes. He styled his facial hair into goatee and kept his dark hair short and groomed. He seemed rather pleased to see everyone leave the building safely, as indicated with his large grin. He clearly was the taxi man that James mentioned. And it seemed to be associated with the girl too. Whatever was going on, Nathaniel was uneasy to say the least. Hopefully, he wouldn't have to fight anymore. "I'm glad you are all okay! And look! A friend as well!"

He seems nice enough. For now.

"Good. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I hope those horrible people didn't hurt you at all. I must say, they sure made a mess of the place," he looked behind them, shrugging at the smoldering mess of the building. "It reminds me of this one time I was in Korea, back in the 1950s an--"

"Sir," the girl interrupted him. The man did not seem all there, reminding Nathaniel of his old deceased grandfather. But wait, the 50s? Wasn't when the Korean War took place? Shouldn't this guy look…older?

"Right, yes, thank you Adeline. My name is the Librarian, but you may call me Henry today. This charming young lady is my assistant and daughter, Adeline. As I have told dear James, I offer sanctuary to lost Atlanteans and right now, everyone seems more lost than ever. Like you, dear Oakley," he looked straight at her, who breathed in sharply, widened her eyes and shook her head quickly.

"Um, no, I--"

"Here, let me help you there," he stepped over to her, pulling her off Nathaniel's shoulder. Nathaniel made sure the transition was easy, but there was a bit of tension in Nathaniel. He was still unsure if this Librarian could be trusted. He would get a chance, but just in case Nathaniel was ready to freeze the Librarian in his place. He smiled a her and tapped the gem that had formed in centre of the armor of the right arm. The armor receded immediately, disappearing completely off her arm as if she was a normal human being. "Does that feel better now?"

"Th-thank you," she rubbed her right arm.

"Now, what is your name?"

"What a beautiful name. It suits you very much," the Librarian said to Oakley. Whether it was out of kindness or some other ulterior motive was open to interpretation. He then turned to Nathaniel. "And yours, Mr. Calaway? What's your name?"

"I have a feeling you already know what my name is, Librarian" Nathaniel said staring at him. "Adeline already knew it. So how about you answer my question instead: What do you want with me?"

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