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    Minerva Sirmais - Riga Atlantean Center, Latvia

    “We’ll take these one by one, firstly being an Atlantean is a hereditary; the gene itself is, but it’s also heterozygous recessive meaning that it only shows up in rare occasions. So either one or both of your parents have the recessive gene that activated in you." That made sense to her. From what she remembered from her high school biology class, it made sense. Recessive genes, possibly a handful of recessive genes may have controlled who had powers and who didn't. So every Atlantean was a genetic miracle in a sense. Interesting. "Egypt…", River continued, "...was unavoidable, we couldn’t have manipulated our way out of such evidence; but then again it was pretty much time we announced ourselves; the world is finally ready for us.”

    River reached behind her and grabbed a basket of apples, placing it on the table and offering a shiny green one to her, which Minerva took graciously. River picked a bright scarlet one for herself before going on, "We Atlanteans have been around for thousands of years, way before common era, most commonly documented about us was Plato in ‘Timaeus’, but I myself have been around for little over two decades. Up until now, we’ve tried to keep our existence a secret until one day when Humans and Atlanteans could live side by side peacefully. Anything else you wanted to know?"

    Humans and Atlanteans side by side? That didn't seem possible so far. All you heard about on the news was either speculation about whether or not the whole thing was legitimate, or people arguing about whether or not they could even trust the Atlanteans. Then there were the people taking advantage of their abilities, and using them to hurt other people. Could Atlanteans ever be trusted? Would she ever be trusted? She quietly munched on her apple, wondering what to ask next.

    "So...", Minerva started, "what happens next then? What I mean is, what happens with me, and other Atlanteans now?"

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