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Auden Radke,
Battlefield of Xin Kou.


His surroundings seemingly disappeared from his path as Auden rushed towards where he saw the flare; every ounce of magic he could summon was being released. Since seeing the flare, he had made a straight line in its direction, destroying anything in his way such as an old barn and group of undead. It rained blood as his magic tore them to pieces, not slowing for a second. Air continued to burst out from behind him as he continued to pick up speed, every now and then a patch of earth would explode out and send him flying forward, along with anything that was with him. The scenery was a blur as his speed increased, his magic bursting a wall to pieces as he charged forward. As he drew nearer to where he believed the flare had come from he could see a hawk, presumably Tamors, diving down at a beast of an undead; and a body, Tamor’s, against a rock, pinned down by the beasts arm.

Anger welled up inside Auden as he got closer, clearly seeing that it was indeed Tamor’s body on the rock. She was pinned down not by its hand, but by a tooth-like claw that protruded out the end, piercing through her stomach and into the boulder that she was pinned against. No one touches my toys, NO ONE! With all the power he could muster he slammed his sword deep into the ground, releasing most of his remaining magic in the one burst. A jagged line of earth revealed his magic’s path, speeding towards the beast that thought playing with others toys without asking was acceptable. Concentrating on the control his magic he watched the scene, and to his surprise saw Tamor move, her hands clasping on each side of the tooth-claw before it shattered to pieces. Mere moments after she had shattered the claw, Auden’s magic hit, erupting from the ground like razor wire, wrapping around the beasts arms and legs, halting its movement and slowly cutting through its flesh. This will at least cut its arms and legs- before he had a chance to finish his thought Tamor shot from the rock like a bullet, a near blur of blood before going feet first into the beasts belly. Auden felt a large burst of magic, divine magic, from inside the beasts stomach, before its body exploded, revealing a glowing Tamor who dropped to the ground.

Ignoring the pain that shot up his left arm, Auden pulled his sword out of the ground and ran over to Tamor’s barely moving body. Working with the quick precision of a person who had dealt with one to many half dead bodies, he rolled her from her side to her back, revealing a large hole in her stomach and entrails on the ground. Damn it Tamor. he thought as he carefully replaced her guts.

“Niolas, I did it,” Tamor slowly reached up with shaky hands and stroked Auden’s cheek as tears cascaded down her.

“You did well Tamor,” Auden replied as he took her hands in his and softly placed them over her breasts. Gently, he laid her on the ground before dropping his robe to the ground and taking off his shirt. Pushing his sword in just under the shirts neck he pushed the shirt downwards while pulling, tearing the front right half off. Using it as a bandage he carefully wrapped it around Tamor’s stomach, in an effort to stop some bleeding and stop her entrails falling out again.

While putting his shirt and robe back on he noticed Tamors ragged robe nearby. After grabbing Tamors robe and wrapping it around her to keep her warm, he picked her up before surveying the battlefield. The remaining undead were retreating from view, back to the Necromancer’s lair. What to do now..? He thought before a weight was added to his left shoulder, accompanied by a piercing feeling. Turning his head he saw Niolas, Tamor’s hawk, on his shoulder, clearly worried about its owner. The two exchanged glares, causing the bird to release its grip on Auden’s shoulder slightly. Returning to his survey Auden noticed the two knight brothers standing on the hill around the fat lady, as well as another living person who was hesitantly approaching the two brothers. Looking down at Tamor who was mumbling, he decided to go and join the small group.

His blood flow had stopped since he had picked up Tamor, with the pain in his body slowly receding. Tamor continued to cough up blood every now and then as they approached the group, the unknown person was kneeling besides the fat lady, trying to make her drink something. He approached from the opposite side, in clear view of the two brothers, who both nodded when they saw him carrying Tamor. Joining them he stood and looked over the fat lady before taking interest in the new comer, who was a female that had a slight magical aura.
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