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Originally Posted by darkpokeball View Post
Well, I was on chapter 8 and I didn't realize that Ephraim's weapon could kill the boss in a single hit. The boss was slaughtering Seth(who I always sent in for the boss fight), and I thought that if Seth had difficulty, what chance did Ephraim have? (I know, I should've checked, but...)
So, the boss killed Seth and then I sent Garcia in for the final blow, since Seth lowered the boss to like...2 HP. Garcia kills him, and I move on with Eirika's route...but Seth is still dead.

I blame my Awakening game for jinxing him. Lesson learned: Don't bring in past units from other games to Awakening. Also, I'm having huge difficulty with the Infinite Regalia DLC. Any tips?
Train. Train more. No really train a bit and bring in people with magic and skills that let them recover hp. Also make sure to bait the warriors at range so counter won't rip you to shreds. Also a healer is a good idea. Oh yeah, don't feel rushed because the thieves have 2 turns after they get the chests before they leave so you have wiggle room to be cautious. (Or just have a bunch of maxed out units come in a kill everyone)