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    ∣ Whitney Eli

    Chapter Three: Part One
    A Day to Invent!

    "...Huh." She watched the boy head off to another table. "... Was that not spectacular?" She shrugged. "Ah well, off the class--" she just happened to see someone at that table. The jerk from yesterday! She formed a slight blush, then just groaned to herself in agitation and skated right out the door and into the hallway.

    As soon as she left she was once more in a good mood. Her glasses lens blinked and showed the GPS function. "Oh yeah, class today. Legends class. How is that going to relate to me??" She shrugged her shoulders and hover-skated to class, the GPS leading her to the door. She pressed the button on top of the frame and commanded, "GPS - Close. Data HUD - Standby." She entered the room literally hovering off of ground, and rollerskating at that (not to mention the angel wings). "Heya Teach!" She greeted the Legends teacher and skated over to her seat, clicking her boots together three times and landing safely on the floor.

    She quickly got into her seat and smiled quietly, waiting for class to start.

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