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    Originally Posted by Ducklighter View Post
    Yeah, it's just something I was speculating in my mind. Although there wouldn't be any point in introducing any evolutionary forms for them, I could see opposing factors playing a part in their evos. I like the sound of that XD

    Also, I loved the backstory of Cubone's skull but I'd love to see a pre evo before the skull because it's kind of confusing to know it hatches with the skull of their dead mother's on them. I don't know, I doubt present Pokemon even hints of Pokemon death anymore but I think that should be corrected or atleast approached.

    People have already mentioned Lapras but I would love a pre evolved form of that Pokemon because I've always loved Lapras.

    EDIT: I just read Yusshin's post and I was like "yes to all that!". Farfetch'd could definitely use some attention and I would love to see an evolution for that.

    What about Girafarig though? I think it could definitely do with an evolved form.
    Maybe it's more gore-ish than you think.

    Cubone hatches, kills its mother, eats her flesh and wears her skull as a trophy. The reason Cubone cries in RBY isn't because he misses his mom; it's because he didn't get to kill and eat his mother: Team Rocket did instead.

    I think some Pokemon should remain evolution-less. It gives them a type of charm. Girafarig may be one of them. What could a giraffe possibly turn into anyway? I can't think of anything...

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