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    Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post

    I'd like to see this get both a Pre-evolution & Evolution, it's got so much potential too.
    That would be similar to how Roselia got both an evolution and prevolution the Generation after it was introduced. And here's my list:

    Prevo: Kecleon, Absol, Skarmory, Maractus, Miltank/Tauros, Throh, Sawk and Lapras

    Evo: Kecleon, Maractus, Farfetch'd, Delibird, Pachirisu, Emolga, Persian, Liepard, Audino, Lapras and Chatot

    Also, I want the troll connections from Generaton V to be fixed; Luvdisc should evolve into Alomomola, and Tauros should evolve into Bouffalant.

    P.S.: Someone posted a Jynx evo picture on another forum; it looks fake, but at the same time awesome, and Jynx could finally go back to rivalling Electabuzz and Magmar.

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