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James Hazen- Atlantean Relief Center- London England
October 31st, 2012

James silently followed the three other Atlanteans. Nate did his best to support Oakley despite their height difference, which James found a bit comical as they walked together rather clumsily in appearance. He kept this to himself though, as he felt Nate genuinely wanted to help her, which was rare to see nowadays, even if it made them look a bit silly. This did however propel him to examine Oakley more closely, and her enormous metal arm she wielded, which starkly contrasted her tiny frame. Obviously this was her ability, but he was curious what exactly it was, and to what extent it operated on. It did provide him with a bit information regarding Atlantean abilities. As he was the only specimen of which to compare around Hawaii, he assumed rather narrowly of the extent of Atlantean powers, believing they were mostly elemental-typed attacks, as was displayed by the explosion in Berlin, and confirmed further by Nate. But as he saw, perhaps there was much more to it. Henry, after all, had an altogether different ability. Teleportation, and the ability to control object without touching them. At that time, he assumed the man might have been an exception, but Oakley changed his outlook. Now, he was certain powers were likely vast in number and largely diverse.

The three approached Henry, who seemed to know the goth girl, and expected Oakley and Nate to be there as well. He revealed that the girl was his daughter Adeline, and reconfirmed what he told James earlier about what exactly he offered for Atlanteans. He then proceeded to touch her armor, causing the large hunk of metal to begin receding off of her body immediately. He cocked an eyebrow, intrigued by this latest ability Henry chose to reveal. That was already three or four different ones that James had counted that he performed, and he had a feeling that that didn't even scratch the surface. He wasn't quite sure who the hell Henry really was, but he had a feeling he was a big player among the Atlanteans, if the THE big player. James made a mental note that it was probably a good idea never to get on his bad side.

James snort a bit at the introductions he requested from the others. Henry already knew his name when they had first met. He was certain the man already knew the others' as well. He assumed he was simply being a bit polite, but when he asked 'Mr. Calaway' for his name, he had a feeling he may have been showing off a bit. James didn't mind. In all honesty, if James had all of the powers that Henry had, he'd probably feel obligated to show off a bit too.

Nate seemed to catch onto this as well, and asked a question that was probably also on Oakley's mind. What exactly did they want with them? He was unsure, but truthfully, he didn't really care to begin with. He didn't come with them because of what they wanted with him, but rather because of what Henry promised to offer James.

"So, you may exit and see how you fare against those men with the guns and their large friends or you could come with me and I could show you how lightning really works."

That was their arrangement, their contract if you will. As long as he kept his word, he didn't care much about the rest of the details. It beat working in a store in Hawaii any day, that's for sure. Besides, Nate seemed all right and Oakley...well, actually she seemed a bit whiny but Nate seemed all right. Despite this, he was a bit interested in what exactly the two of them wanted. He wondered if they represented that group he had heard about, the Atlantean Royal Family on TV. It seemed likely, but he'd rather hear it from the horses mouth. As he waited for Henry to explain, he decided to take this moment to observe the rest of the city they were in, which he deduced was most likely London, England, from the way the cars were designed, and from London Eye which he could spot in the far distance. Though he wasn't observing the others, he was giving his partial attention to the conversation as he gazed at the city he had been in for less than an hour, reminding himself that this was the first time he had left Hawaii in his life.

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