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Originally Posted by Nideous View Post
Yes Fox you can! Just post your SU and Yellow and Megaman will review it and if they like it you will be in. I hope to RP with you soon!

Well, here goes.


Name: Ryan Williams

Age: 14

Sex: Male

Dorm: Suicune Dorm

Appearance *now brand-new and edited!*: Ryan's appearance greatly reflects his origins and hometown. Having come from the coldest region in Sinnoh, his skin is very light, almost white. His hair is coal-black and frizzy, somewhat similar to his Snover's fur in texture and feel. He is quite tall for his age, measuring around 5"1. This is mainly due to his spindly legs being very long, as all people in Snowpoint city, who have developed strong legs to walk through deep snow.

His attire, as well, shows he comes from a colder area. His coat, made from Mammoswine fur, is brown-coloured and half-sleeved. He rarely ever takes it off, even in hotter areas. He wears tough hiking boots and (unoriginality warning) brown pants.

(please don't make me write more, I'm actually sweating right now)

Personality: Ryan is a calm and relaxed, almost half-awake at times, and he is often caught day-dreaming. He respects and cherishes his Pokemon greatly, as they make him succeed in battles. he never pushes them too much, and prefers mental preparation over physical preparation. He often underestimates opponents and tasks, not due to arrogance, but due to his laziness and relaxed habit of doing things. His Pokemon nevertheless always snap him out of his trance, and in seemingly critical situations he can use unique strategies and combat styles to end the battle quickly and smoothly. Rarely gets angry, often sighs and leaves when annoyed.

History: Ryan grew up in Snowpoint town, in the Sinnoh Region. Having close relation with ice-type Pokemon, he was given a baby female Snover (who was born on the same day) at birth, as the tradition goes in Snowpoint. Ryan grew up loving the Snover like a sister, friend, and battling partner as well. She was given an everstone on their 10th birthday, and Ryan got a Pokedex.

Having left off to see the world, the first place Ryan and Snover had gone to was the Unova region, through boat travel. There they met many trainers and battled even more Pokemon, and only attempted to catch a Pokemon once: it was a mothim. The bug-type's battling days was short-lived though. Through the harsh sanstorm trek in route 4, Ryan and Mothim were blown off by the wind, and sent flying. Mothim mabnaged to save the boy by counter-attacking the gust with a whirlwind attack, but the Pokemon itself wasn't as lucky. The wind smacked it onto a ruined rock wall, and as Ryan got up to his feet, he saw the whole wall collapse onto his beloved Pokemon. As he ran to rescue Mothim, when he finally uncovered it, the sight was horrible. The Pokemon's wings were crippled and torn, and it had completely lost the ability o produce any kind of sound. Mothim has recovered now, but has no ability to fly whatsoever. After spending a month in Unova, Ryan and Snover left Mothim at a Pokecenter and left for Hoenn.

In Hoenn, they met a group of travelling gypsies, who were offering to trade pokemon. Not wanting to give away Mothim or Snover, Ryan asked if they could trade with poffins, who were rare in Kanto. After a moment of bargaining, the gypsy accepted to take Ryan's poffin case and a light stone. He got, in exchange, a Vulpix. Vulpix proved to be a great contest partcipant, and won many badges in the region. A year of travelling later, he went back to Sinnoh, and at a holiday with his family in Kanto, he was invited to the Academy.


Species: Mothim
Gender: Male
Personality: Of adamant nature, he is quiet and often prioritizes nobility over safety. He considers his handicap as a mere obstacle he can overcome.
Lvl: 20
  • Bug Bite
  • Psybeam
  • Bug Buzz
  • Whirlwind (doesn't deal much damage, but is strong)

Species: Vulpix
Gender: Male
Personality: Very young, so less experienced in battle. Prefers contests, and excels at them. Sympathetic and playful, he enjoys playing with Snover and Mothim.
Lvl: 14
  • Flamethrower
  • Fire Spin
  • Toxic
  • Will-o-Wisp

Species: Snover
Gender: Female
Personality: Loyal and calm, she is very much like Ryan. He is like a brother to her, and she is always seen with him. Beleives herself responsible of Vulpix and Mothim.
Lvl: 30
  • Ice Shard
  • Wood Hammer
  • Magical Leaf
  • Powder Snow
  • Avalanche
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