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    Originally Posted by RoreyG View Post
    Mt. Coronet is unforgivably bad, but Victory Road in Hoenn ranks alongside it. You need:
    Rock Smash

    As I've said, Gen 4 continued most of these annoying trends, but Gen 3 is ultimately the more popular of the two, hence why I rank it as more overrated.
    Yeah, I won't deny it, Hoenn's Victory Road is pretty damn abysmal. However, you can get by without Flash if you have a map or walkthrough.

    Honestly, the reason that Gen. III is more popular is because it is generally accepted that the Hoenn Pokemon are fantastic and the region is a really interesting, tropical region with locations never seen in a prior Pokemon game (rainforest, volcano, undersea, etc.). Whereas Sinnoh was cold, kind of boring, and filled with mostly-non-noteworthy Pokemon, Hoenn was vibrant and colorful.

    Plus, as I said before, many of the Hoenn Pokemon designs are amazing (Flygon, Metagross, Sableye, Dusclops, Zangoose, all 3 fully-evolved starters, etc.).
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