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    Id like to be a human, but I don't have an angel, anyone up for that, or shall I be one of those without an angel. I don't mind. Heres my SU anyways.

    Name: (First, Middle, and Last) Nathan Lee Ward
    Nickname: (Names your character has been called in the past or is still called) Nath
    Sex: (Male or Female)male
    Age: (From 14 to 30) 14

    Occupation: (Job. If none - or too young - simply put "N/A") works at the dog shelter doing voluntary work.
    Hobbies: (What he/she enjoys doing with free time) writing books
    Disorders: (If he/she has any illnesses, diseases, or disorders, list them here.) can't stay in a moving vehicle for more than 20 minutes (motion sickness)
    Quirks: (Peculiar traits, can be good or bad) writing, and keeping people happy,
    Likes: (Things he/she enjoys) seeing people smile, doughnuts, making up phrases to be used to cheer people up. H has a fascination with vampires and werewolves
    Dislikes: (Things he/she despises) bad people, blood, death.
    Dreams: (His/her hopes and dreams) to become a doctor, and a writer in his spare time, but sometimes he gets stuck between both
    Fears: (His/her greatest fears) His father, as he used to beat him and treat him badly, but always cared for his brother. His father once killed a man that trespassed into the house and lots of blood was shed while Nath watched, and his father threatened that if he doesn't smarten up, he would get the blade.

    Appearance: (A written description is required, you may add a picture to help visualize the character further) Light blue hair, a usual young complexion but more 'cute' than 'hot' wears a black t-shirt and yellow body warmer along with blue chinos and white trainers.

    Personality: (How your character thinks, acts, and feels; this one is self-explanatory) Prefers to think of life as one big misunderstanding, and thinks that there is more to life than just living and dying. He wants peoples lives to live for longer, and he wants to discover how to save people from dying, or bring the dead back to life. He is very willing to do so, that 80% of his free time is spent researching black magic and vampires, plus writing stories about what his dreams are, and thinks that every life has some meaning in it.

    History: (Describe your character's life from their early memories to their current age. If he/she didn't already live in Seattle, you must explain why he/she moved there. Be sure to include all major events in his/her life, as your Angel will need this information to expand their own sign-up. Remember, your Angel has seen everything the Human has, and more) Nath used to live in England, but moved away with his mother to get as far away from his father and brother as possible. His mother died 4 months after living in Chicago, and after Nath was moved to Seattle and fostered by a single mother who was a social worker, who had a child named Alex. He treated Alex like his brother, until he passed away 2 years later. Soon after he thought his life was forsaken, as all the people he loved were dying or being hurt. His mother suffered dearly and became crazy, and was sent to an asylum. He then went and lived with a family of monks, who hated superstitious things such as vampires, and werewolves, so Nath had to hide his stories. School was no exception. It was his only time to get away and write his books, but people usually either laughed at him and called him 'a little boy who believes in vampires' or 'English posh' All of it enraged Nath but he never showed his emotions to anyone, he barely snapped. Two weeks have passed since he moved in with the monks.

    Secret Code: (If you read it all, you'd know this.) Listen