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    To be frank, there's nothing surprising about these news stories. I thought it was a well established fact that the PETA is much more an an animal wrongs' group than an animal rights group. Almost all of their donated money goes to business that has nothing to do with protecting animals. They spend not only a hell of a load on it to kill off perfectly adoptable domestic animals, their more extreme supporters are certainly also carrying a few extra stones by killing off domestic animals that are already adopted to drive their hate message that keeping an animal and loving and caring for it is wrong, enslavement, abuse, whatever the hell it is that makes some think it warrants killing cats and dogs that already live in perfectly good homes, no doubtedly not giving a crud that it's a crime. Of course, those supporters are not meant to reflect on the actual PETA, but it still bothers me that these kind of people exist. PETA also spends a ridiculous amount of money on media. On getting kinky barely naked girls inside cages to protest against the bloody KFC or whatever it is they are doing now.

    There are hundreds of animal welfare organisations I would rather support than to hand my wads of cash to those dysfunctional crooks. Animal welfare is a dead serious concern to me, and the PETA clearly doesn't take it serious enough. They toss all the solutions away and go with killing as the only option, like the daleks would say: "Exterminate!"
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