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Uhm. I'm just gonna post this here for the sake of it being here. SInce I'm going so slow in production.


Main Information:

Name: Dominick Ray Colins
Alias: Zuko
Age: 20
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 156
Location: Pamplona, Spain


Atlantean Tattoo: Dominick's tattoo look likes a spiraling star. The tattoo is about the size of Dominick's hand is located on the left side of his pelvis.

Physical: Dominick has an athletic build, not really from intentional exercise, but from playing sports. Since his physic is made more from play than practice, he doesn't walk the streets with the harder-than-concrete abs, but still retains a look of fitness. Dominick has a medium build, so there isn't a lot he could do to get "bigger". Dominick is dark-skinned, brown-haired, and brown-eyed.

Clothing: The first thing people notice about Dominick would be his wardrobe. Dominick likes to dress nicely and takes pride in doing so. Dominick cares so much about the clothes he wears that he doesn't like wearing the same or similar clothing in the same week and a half or so. If he can make it look good, he'll make it look good, despite the brand. Though he isn't the biggest fan of a bright colors, Dominick doesn't confine himself to a certain category of dress and branches out however he feels like it. As you can imagine, Dominick's wardrobe is rather large and having money definitely helps with that. It wouldn't be a miss to guess Dominick likes clothing and fashion.

The only thing he consistently wears is an Everose gold Rolex which given to him by his father. He also frequently wears silver earrings, but those change in style depending on his outfit.


Personality: Dominick is a relatively pleasant person to be around. He's playful, almost in a childish way, and is pleasantly polite. He's well versed in his ma'ams and sirs and uses them appropriately. Dominick is verbal and enjoys a lengthy conversation, or any, really. Dominick enjoys pretty much any kind of games, especially sports, and isn't shy when it comes to jumping into something new or going on some mini (or lengthy) adventure. His eager attitude when it comes to going into the unknown sometimes causes him to make decisions without thinking. Dominick doesn't do so with bad intentions, but that doesn't stop anything from going wrong. Despite this so far positive resume, it isn't a secret that Dominick has a bit of a temper. It's not very hard to set him off, in fact, most small annoyances seem to make him immediately angry. When Dominick gets angry, it takes more than a little effort to get him to calm down again, especially when his power makes his and the room's temperature rise.

Dominick can be described as anything but passive. If you hit him, he'll hit back, if you insult him, he'll insult back. It's not a very hard equation to figure out, but sometimes it seems like people just can't quite get it. Dominick has a tongue that's sharp and loaded with unapologetic sarcasm. It's one of his most famous weapon and he uses it against others often. He's not above taunting and has his own cheeky moments. Dominick's taunts, however, don't come like a constant barrage, unless he doesn't like you, that is.

Dominick is very cleanly and likes things to be neat and orderly. When they aren't, he gets a little (well, that's more of an understatement) angry. He also feels the same way when any harm comes to his belongings either by himself or others, especially his clothes and various accessories. Dominick is especially protective of his watch, not just because its expensive, but because it was handed down to him by his father as a symbol of accomplishment. He treasures it dearly and wears it at almost all times. Even getting a scratch on it will throw him into a fit. In fact, Dominick takes success very seriously. The values of self-discipline and hard work are instilled in him and breaking those little codes is something he's not willing to do. This kind of stubbornness is present in sprinkles along Dominick's personality. It comes out the most when Dominick makes a particularly hard or progressing decision. Once he's made up his mind, he sticks with it until the end, unmoving in every aspect, even if it's the worst thing he could possibly do. It takes leagues of effort to get him to even budge. That, or a really good friend.

History: Dominick was born into wealth. Since his first breath, Dominick had more money than most people in the world and that’s a fact that he’s been aware and never apologetic of. Dominick was born in Paris, France and has lived there, for the most part, all of his life. Dominick's parents encouraged an active childhood, but most of his friends were just the children of the people his parents worked with or their own friends. Like this, Dominick's friendships were rather limited, especially if you take into account that he was home schooled. His parents wanted him to have the best education possible and hired tutors to teach him rather than send him to public schools. It was an arrangement that he didn't notice until he realized there was such a thing as public school. After that, Dominick came to resent being home schooled, but could do very little about it.

It wasn't until Dominick was old enough to attend college that he got to break away from his home. He attended a college in Toulouse, France, far away enough from his parents to satisfy him and still with a school that met their standards. When the Atlanteans revealed themselves, he was in the middle of class. At first he felt only an annoying itch on his skin, then later it started to burn, a burn that would get increasingly worse as it stayed. He didn't hear about the news until after a trip to a doctor and money spent on medicine. After that, well...

Ability: Fire Manipulation/Combustion

Dominick has the power to both create and control fire at will. If you need an explanation, that means Dominick can shoot fire off of his body at will or manipulate fire in any way (such as making designs in the air or fire foot soldiers (though that would take a bit of concentration and a lot of practice)). The ability also gives him the power to absorb fire, unfortunately this isn’t quite the case for all fire. Dominick can easily reabsorb the fire he emits back into his own body, but fires made without his influence are a little different. He can absorb them, but the more he absorbs the more unstable he becomes and the more likely the fire will explode back out of him.

Dominick’s power is influenced by his emotions. Happy or calm moods makes it stable and easily controlled, angry or frustrated moods make his power stronger, but also turns it into erratic and unstable or uncontrolled bursts. Sadness makes his power weaker and similarly so does fear, but fear also makes his power wilder. The strength of his power shifts with ever slight change in emotion, which makes it important for Dominick to be cool under the heat of his own fire. It’s not only that reason why Dominick has to stay mellow. In fact, it’s because of his ability to combust.

Without any idea on how to control his ability to spontaneously burst into wild flames, Dominick is at the mercy of his own mood. Luckily (or unluckily) for him, Dominick’s ability of Combustion will only activate against his will when he’s angry. The angrier he gets the more Dominick’s own body heat begins to rise. Not only will his skin be hot to the touch, but he’ll radiate hot energy around him. Once he’s hot enough he’ll be instantly engulfed in flames. As you can guess, this isn’t very convenient for Dominick since, not only does it incinerate his clothing, but he can’t touch anything without causing more damage to the surrounding area or people. If Dominick thought that it was hard keeping from Combusting, he would have a change in mind when trying to do it purposefully.

Dominick’s Combustion technique is hard to control, and activating it with the concentration it took is not in his possession. In fact, it will take him a while before he can control it and even longer before he can sustain it. While he is like this, Dominick is actually stronger. Well, actually, he gets a little more advantage and he gets a few new abilities. For one, while he’s engulfed in flames, Dominick can release his fire attacks faster than normal. The charge time, if any, would be cut down two fold. In this form, Dominick can achieve Pyrokinetic Flight, an ability that allows him to use fire to propel himself through the air. As well, Dominick will be able to absorb fire from all sources without problem and his body itself would act as a form of armor. Unfortunately, in this form, Dominick becomes weaker quicker because of how much fire use it takes. Along with Dominick’s ability to set himself on fire, he can set others on fire. He can either make them burst into flames or make them feel the heat in their own bodies with or without contact. This part of his power, however, would be extremely hard to master. It may be easier to steadily transfer heat to someone, but to set them on fire instantly is something else entirely, especially from a distance. This level of combustion can only be achieved with deliberate and intense training with it as the focus. It would take decades just to get a hang of it, and even longer to master it.

While not everything takes fifty years to achieve, Dominick’s power will take a lot of practice, patience, and focus. Because of fire’s uncontrolled nature, it won’t be easy learning how to tame it, even as a born fire wielder. Even if he can’t be burned, improper use of his power can make Dominick’s own fires douse him.

Writing Sample: Dominick looked out the window of his Spanish apartment. The sun was out today and the air was comfortably warm. He took a deep breath, feeling more relaxed than he had the week before. He was glad they took this vacation, he desperately needed it. Just remembering last week made him want to stress. It wasn't pleasant and he wasn't sure it'd be any more pleasant now. It was so sudden and so... Frightening.

It was a normal day, a Sunday actually, and that meant it was their weekly time to clean. When he said "their" he meant himself and his roommate Lucien, or Lucy as he was more commonly called by his closer friends. At the time, they were in southern France in an apartment near their college. These Cleaning Days were all too necessary, since Lucien seemed to be completely oblivious to what a clean home should look like. Dominick was well aware, however, and while it would seem that the two opposites would cancel each other out, he actually found himself overpowered and their room would turn out "decent". It horrified him to think what the room would look like if he wasn't there to pick up after and remind Lucien of his mess, but he tried not to. It was for this reason that a weekly cleaning session was absolutely necessary, and as usual, Lucien was reluctant to participate. It always annoyed him that he ended up doing most of the work, but this particular time hit him more than the others.

A few days before he'd gotten a horrible, excruciating pain too close to his groin, and while it had lessened over the days and because of medicine, it still bothered him. The medicine may have stopped the pain, but didn't stop the itch. He had already felt uncomfortable that day and the day before and the day before that and wasn't in the mood for Lucien's usual reluctance. Lucien himself had gone through the same issue, except somewhere much less sensitive. Of course, he used it as his excuse not to pick up his underwear. As usual, Lucien pissed him off, and with how things were going so far...

Dominick moved away from the window with a sigh, not at all ready to return to France. They said they'd only stay in Spain for a week, but with their day to leave being tomorrow, Dom felt extremely reluctant. He didn't even want to look at a map of France right now, especially with their bill rising exponentially and questions he couldn't find a good enough explanation as to why the home was now damaged. Normally he would have gone to Paris with his parents, but seeing them at this time seemed like... The worst thing he could possibly do. Instead, he made up his reason to go to Spain and left it at that.

"Lucy?" Dominick called, traveling across the apartment and to the door of Lucien's room. Looking in, Lucien was spread out on his bed, sleeping in his usual messy manner. He slept above the covers and the bed under him looked unkempt as usual. As usual, he wore nothing but briefs. "Lucien!" Dominick called again, louder this time. Alex jolted from his sleep, head snapping up and a sleepy snort escaping from him.


"You're still in bed?" Lucien lifted himself off of the bed, still very much asleep. Dominick could see the Atlantean tattoo that had appeared under Lucien's arm around the same time his own had. He nodded his head groggily as he rose, sitting on the bed and letting out a huge yawn.

"Yeah..." He muttered, his voice not awake. "Still in bed." Lucien's power hadn't appeared as early as Dom's had and may have been more, if not just as, frightening. They weren't quite sure what his ability was, or what it was called, but in a nutshell it allowed him to pass throw walls. Instead of just walking through them, Lucien would turn pitch black and his eyes would glow white. He looked more like an apparition than a person, and shortly after turning, he walked through what seemed like anything. It didn't seem like much, until you ran into the problem of him accidentally sinking through the floor from time to time. Neither of them could imagine what would happen if he got stuck down there. Lucien's ability seemed to take a little more effort than Dom's, mostly because he had to keep an eye on him. "What time is it?"

Dominick looked at his watch. "12:30."

"So we're packing today?"

"About that..." As was said before, Dominick didn't want to go back to France. He'd planned to try and figure out how to control his ability, especially after finding the news report about the Atlantean's revealing themselves on the internet, but never got around to it. It was mostly out of reluctance, rather than being busy. He didn't want to touch it, though he had done some things by accident, like shoot out a flame or make water boil, but those small instances still made him wary. This all still felt new to him, and thinking about it made him...

"It's getting hot," Lucien remarked casually. Dominick snapped out of his thoughts.

"Huh? Oh... Sorry." It's getting hot... He didn't like that phrase. A week ago Lucien told him it felt hot before he exploded. Not so much exploded... Burst into flames. He was irritated, he was angry, and in the same moment his temper spiked, flames suddenly engulfed him. It was a miracle Lucien wasn't burned. It was a miracle they even got out of there. The flames didn't hurt him at all, in fact, he didn't even feel them, but it did destroy his clothes and melted his earrings. He was just lucky he hadn't been wearing his watch. Their apartment wasn't in good condition and salvaging clothes wasn't easy. Whenever Dom got a little angry, Lucien would tell him the same thing. It's getting hot...

"So. We're not leaving?"

Dominick shook his head. "No..."

"Good," Lucien stretched and stood up, "I wasn't trying to go anywhere anyways." Lucien went into the bathroom, yawning again as he disappeared behind the door frame. Dom looked at Lucien's bed, completely in disarray. While it wasn't entirely his fault, it didn't mean that he couldn't look nice. Dominick went to the bed and grabbed the sheets, fixing them up so the bed looked as if it were never slept in. He was relieved they were going nowhere and would have to make a phone call about it some time today. One more week... That seemed like enough time to get over it.

I'm sorry about the physical description, but I kind of quit mentally.
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