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First, and foremost I have to thank Ichiro (雷影 イチロ) for reviving me when he didn't have to! So, this win was definitely for you since you had to quit due to more pressing matters. Otherwise I would have still been dead by the hands of JNathan/LilJz1234 (curse you both!), and The Brotherhood for reviving me as well. It was a good game! It was intense for a good end of it, always made me worry about my posts and VMs! It got me posting in areas that I normally just don't even bother looking at (DCC, X&Y, etc.) Like Jake♫ said this was definitely a nice trial run for the Pokecommunity Assassin and I look forward, as a member of The Brotherhood now, so weird to say might I add, to having another round of this game!

The emblems are fantastic! I WANT THEM ALL.

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