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Frederick Salusbury & Atticus Forsberg - Atlantean Relief Centre, Stockholm, Sweden

October 31st, 2012
"Uh, sort of," Atticus made a face, avoiding how kind of right she was on all grounds, despite the obvious sarcasm. He turned back to Freddie, speaking in English since Freddie seemed so uncomfortable with it (and Atticus wasn't too hot on it either). "We should probably move sometime soon,y'know. I did notice the very important Royal Family member in the next room over. You didn't make it very easy for yourself, did you?"

"C-c'mon! That's not my fault!"

"Yeah, okay. Did you talk to her?"

"N-not yet. C-can you?"



"Ugh," Atticus buried his face in his hands, sneaking a peek at the Swede girl.

She was cute-looking, with her baby face and her fluffy hair, but odd-looking too. Her eyes really poked out, contrasting to her dark skin to make it seem as if those blue eyes were almost white. Actually no, it was more like she seemed... Uh, like a goddess, the only thing Atticus could really relate it to was the water dudes from Avatar or that girl from that Atlantis Disney movie (hah, what a happy coincidence).

Thinking about cartoons right now though probably wasn't a great idea. Or was it? It seemed like the only relatable thing in a time of people with magic powers and junk.

"Hi Agnes," Atticus returned to Swedish, despite his own interests, "my name's Atticus Forsberg. Um, me and Freddie here are, uh, as you put it, kidnapping you from these guys. They may seem cool but uh, the Royal Family are not really who they make themselves out to be. They may seem like nice guys, I know, but like, 90% of the time they're usually making some bullcrap story up so you be friends with them."

"Me and Freddie here," he continued, speeding up his pace as he glanced at the time on his phone, "are part of another organisation called the Atlantean Unification Project or the AUP like some people call it. We're basically all about uniting us," he gestured to the three of them, "and we offer sanctuary and stuff to people like us if you don't want these guys getting into your brain and basically becoming their personal puppets."

"We've been watching you actually," he checked the hall back and forth, leaning in closer to lower his voice, "as creepy as that sounds, and you seem like a pretty cool person and we'd like for you to join us and stuff. Um... Yeah, I think that's it," he turned back to Freddie, speaking in English, "how did I do?"

"Ok... I think," Freddie nodded slowly. Honestly, he had really only caught half of what Atticus had been saying.

"So yeah," Atticus returned to Swedish, "yeah. Um... Yeah. You speak English, don't you?"
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